Climatic weapon: a bluff or reality?

Climate weapon: a bluff or reality?

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Global action tragic summer of 2010, the newly sharpened the debate about the ability of artificial human intervention in the natural environment and the use of climate as a weapon of mass destruction. In this case, the accusations first descend on the United States. Let us try to understand this dilemma, based on recognizable materials and open outlook professionals.

From the history of science known to use multiple sample the environment for the benefit of mankind, to understand and unleash the energy of space and near-Earth space for economic and military affairs. Big success in similar research studies headed for the early twentieth century, Nikola Tesla. Specifically, he managed to solve the problem of power transmission over long distances. In other words, pass it in the atmosphere, and project focus on every point of our planet (in 1900 he applied for a patent invention "Transmission electron energy through the natural environment"). That's why some Russian scientists are convinced that the indescribable power of the explosion over the Siberian taiga, June 30, 1908 is not due to the Tunguska meteor, as a consequence of Tesla's experiments.

A prerequisite for the heat, according to the views of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center forecasters, was anomalous 'blocking' anticyclone, which is held on the territory of the Russian Federation Central for more than a month. It is more than surprising, because usually these anticyclones hold less than a couple of weeks, and then forced out the fronts of cool air.

By studying the anomaly, meteorologists have recorded very highest pressure in the middle troposphere at altitudes of 5 km away, where the atmosphere warmed not only across the bottom, but also in the interior. The situation is quite outlandish: many kilometers entire post is very very warmed up. Blocking anticyclone such duration and intensity in our part of the history of instrumental observation was not. Specific answer about the causes of anomalies in meteorologists do not.

Against the Russian Federation is an undeclared war


Americans are not only aggressively develop applications of weather criterion for military purposes, and was used extensively in the development of these practices. (Note, incidentally, that all kinds of guns, which the Americans had the monopoly, they were started immediately in the case during the war — whether nuclear weapons, napalm, defoliants, etc.) So, for example, they were able to cause heavy rainfall in the area " Ho Chi Minh trail "in Vietnam. Large-scale spraying of defoliants over forests and farmland in Indochina led to the destruction of habitats and the classic means of survival of the local population, has changed the natural habitat.

The development of world science in the interests of the United States use their own weapons programs. No exception, and programs from the development and use of climate, psychotronic, and other types of weapons based on new physical principles.

Publications open zabugornoy printing quite obviously and clearly show: in recent years, the United States is not only intensely developed, and tested the so-called wave or geophysical tool.

At the Pentagon, there is a very fascinating structure — Department of promising arms B, which includes two departments: the Department of "C" (apparently from a British climate — climate) and the Department of «P» (not excluded from the British policy — policy). First time to nedavneshnego had in its composition Weather Service, a group of special development, construction and installation team and a number of other units. In addition, the disposal of the department was transferred to the cruiser "Virginia", filled some complex secret equipment.

Department "C" is constantly stationed at the base in Bermuda. There are both direct and indirect evidence that the sudden tragic natural disasters like the tsunami in Southeast Asia in December 2004 and Hurricane "Katrina" in August 2005, virtually one hundred percent destroyed New Orleans — a result of the use of United States (namely the Department of "C") of a new wave guns.

Climate weapon: a bluff or reality?

The fact that "Katrina" struck by one of the largest cities in the United States, should not mislead anyone. The percentage of African Americans in the middle of the inhabitants of New Orleans is much higher than the national average, and it was he who was actually the concentration of all known Negro organizations — from the "Black Panther" and "Farrakhan" to "New Africa". They are not only intensely defended the rights of the black population, constantly glowing political situation in the U.S., and acted with political programm in what was said about the separation of the southern states and the formation of independent state. That Washington could not allow because (I am regarded as a version of) it decided to strike at the enemy in the inner areas of America.

According to the results of the tests the U.S. administration has recognized the effectiveness of the wave climate guns very highest. Pentagon recommended continued his improvement, and the U.S. Navy — set for a few warships.

Immediately taken place and saturated zones of seismic studies of tension. In the zones of tectonic fractures in the Earth's crust is formed of power energy field, which reached a certain level of intensity of the bifurcation point, "blast" earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc. It seems that the Americans found a method to influence the tectonic stress field, and artificially increasing their leading up to the bifurcation point.

In other words, is a question of geophysical weapons.

Climate weapon: a bluff or reality?BATTLE CRUISER Assignment "WISCONSIN"

The third area of the labor department promising weapons B — wave propagation effects on the psyche and consciousness. This deals department "P". Causing artificial magnetic storms and using scattered or focused radiation of different wavelengths and frequency spectrum, it is possible to slow down and disrupt the functioning of the brain. In the hidden task of this department including development of ways to influence the huge mass of people at different distances to spawn in their fear, apathy, depression, or, on the contrary, irritability, anger, heat of passion. Simply put, to control the behavior of the population of any country.

Russian scientists have found conducting such experiments the Yankees in Russia in August 1999, when as an "experimental" were the inhabitants of Moscow and the Moscow region, and the Krasnodar Territory. In 2000, the Depart
ment received a new cruiser "Wisconsin", which installed the appropriate equipment and sent professionals to service it. The operation of this equipment was fixed in 2003 during operations against Iraq in 2005 — in the days of the "orange revolution" in Ukraine. In a report on the data Extensive testing was highlighted their highest efficiency.

Climate weapon: a bluff or reality?There are reports that at the moment, "Wisconsin" and other media equipment, similar to what is available on this cruiser used against Iran and Turkey to overthrow undesirable regimes Yankees, also of Russia (North Caucasus). Fixed wave impact on Russian population — and outside, and with the area of Russia itself.

Not to mention another direction in the development of geophysical weapons — the development of tools like electrical systems of oppression of the enemy, and the protection of their own equipment such purpose from trying to neutralize or incapacitate. With the implementation of the Yankees first tasks we face in testing and planned launches of ballistic missiles in the North-West region of Russia, as well, perhaps, in plain area (think, for example, nedavneshny blackout in St. Petersburg).

Plasmoid — plasma clot, limited configuration of magnetic fields and plasma

Nikola Tesla received spherical plasmoids in the resonant transformer with high-voltage discharges.

The plasma gun coming

Second task is solved in the deployment of U.S. missile defense — means that the beam trajectories Russian ballistic missiles that could be launched at the United States as retaliation, will make plasmoid cluster diameter of the order of more than 100 km.

The subsequent need to do …

All of the studies conducted in the United States in the strategy of indirect actions. At the current time, efforts are focused on the dilemma of enhancing vortex gravitational fields. In other words, the United States is not only broke away from all the other nations of the world in the modern high-class ordinary weapons, and get into the hands of the new tool the global impact of mass destruction. Nuclear weapons look very out of date on the background of the above systems, hence — "peace-loving" Washington's calls for universal nuclear disarmament. Fundamentally do all rivals and competitors vulnerable to American democracy.

But back to the effects of the weather on the planet. In forming the basis for her weather processes is a natural unity of the ground, and near-Earth space gallakticheskogo in a state of natural harmony. Violation of either changes in this state, the 1 st or more of the naturally leads to the destruction of parts of the harmonic system, and learned that scientists in the U.S..

Now the configuration in the atmosphere caused by natural natural cosmic processes are the result of a saturated industry, transport, mining of minerals … And conscious purposeful activity forces who dream of world domination, trying to reincarnate the environment in tool world domination.

But in case of violation of natural harmony is the risk of unmanageable situation, when it turns into question the safety of the population of the United States and its allies. Because you need to learn to manage natural climatic processes, what needed to carry out not only the severe scientific and theoretical research, and large-scale experimental work.

The place chosen for similar tests Alaska, where there was an experimental system HAARP, zalegendirovannaya a program from "Active frequency programm study the aurora borealis." (As if the Pentagon have nothing more to do, as the luminosity of the upper layers of the atmosphere in the high latitudes.) This is one of the most secret U.S. military facilities. Selection of Alaska to study methods of influence on the atmosphere of the planet associated with the proximity of the magnetic poles of the Earth and, of course, remoteness from prying eyes.

But for the development of climate (and psychotronic) tools needed field base, respectively. 180 antenna height of 25 meters each and a total area of 13 hectares of equipment was not enough. In order to develop the existing system of research and implementation of combat built massive objects in the terrain of Greenland, Norway (Tromso, near the Russian border). In the Anchorage area (450 km from HAARP) will soon be a new antenna field. Put equipment on Navy ships, land-based facilities in Asia, formed a group gallakticheskih funds.

But already existing objects allow you to create highly concentrated plasma zone (lens secondary radiation) with a radius of up to 100 km, which can solve both simple tasks (rains, storms, avalanches), and more than so complex (drought, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones, anticyclones).

Climate weapon: a bluff or reality?

A small digression from the topic of the article concerning the fires on Russian expanses. U.S. completes testing of laser guns, located on board the "747", created to destroy ballistic missiles in the boost phase line movement. The essence of the system: a powerful laser pulse burns body missiles, destroying its electronics. And this can not be set on fire a laser pulse forests, flying, for example, on the route to Afghanistan? But this is only a question posed to Russian scientists and military.

Thus, in the framework of programs from the creation of the National Missile Defense (NMD) system, which at the moment is very fond of in America, is meant to use a set of lasers on satellites and airplanes.

Back in September 1992 of "Boeing" and "Lockheed" received contracts for the technical definition of a suitable aircraft available for the project military laser airborne (Abl — Airborne Laser). Both teams came to the same conclusion, recommending that the U.S. Air Force to use as a platform for this system is time-tested heavy aircraft "Boeing-747".

Rays of death

It is appropriate to ask why the United States is doomed to suffering and even death, millions of people, whole nations and regions of the country? Naturally, the question is not about ordinary U.S. citizens, and those who really runs America, it forms the political strategy. This is real ruling class realizes that his power is directly related to the real welfare of the euro and South American nations, with the ability to hold them (means of guided democracy) in a state of submission.

Coupled with the fact these rulers can not create the pace of development and population growth in third world countries, which makes the danger of their never-ending power. National Intelligence Council, the United States is not a time for their own projections emphasized that even on the planet 2.5-3 billion people become redundant: lack of natural resources. Therefore reduce the number of inhabitants of the earth, to reduce the level of consumption and the rate of economic development — an important task of the "superman" to save his own dominant position in the int
ernational community, to maintain profit levels.

If you look at the geography of the summer weather disasters in 2010, you can come to the conclusion that affected the main economic and geopolitical (civilization) U.S. rivals — Europe, China, India. Russia and Pakistan are on the list of the house. Our homeland — the primordial potential adversary, and now the coveted resource facility for U.S. companies. Pakistan — Government populous Islamic world, the U.S. is also the age-old rival, besides owning a nuclear weapon. All of the "victims" — supporters of a multipolar world order.

How can we respond to the call to cancel the new American oligarchy international society?

There seems to need a full and in what or asymmetric response. This discussion of the problem of the UN Security Council and other international organizations, enrollment climate and psychotronic weapons in the category of weapons of mass destruction and the spread on those of the respective international standards and regulations, organization, and support for a broad public movement against intervention in natural processes and the establishment of international control carried out research work in this field.

Another area of countering the danger could be joint research scientists interested states on the dilemmas of natural and artificial configuration climate of the planet. The principal deterrent would be a accurate signal and transnational South American dreamers of world rule of inadmissibility and the impossibility of a unipolar world order.

Third, the likely direction — development of an international effort of military and technical means of protection against new types of weapons of mass destruction, as a response to the impact of the aggressor.

Russian Alliance right after the beginning of the American projects in the field of atmospheric phenomena for military purposes also began to work in this direction and headed for certain success. Were immediately formed the structure of military and scientific and technical intelligence to oversee the research work in the United States. But in the 90 years of research and development, we turned (the base object in the Nizhny Novgorod region mothballed), as part of the acquired results gave oversea "partner" of Russia. Intelligence units which have shown activity after the introduction of the climate and psychotronic weapons against Russia, immediately disbanded, employees dismissed from service …

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