Clinton praised the Lithuanians for confrontation Russian occupation

Clinton praised the Lithuanians for their opposition to the "Soviet occupation"Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State, on behalf of Barack Obama congratulated the people of Lithuania on the coming day or restoration of statehood, which is celebrated on February 16. Secretary of State highlighted the successes of the Lithuanians, who achieved even in spite of the "Soviet occupation."

"Although the Soviet military occupation and, Lithuanian people showed that democracy can bring people together. My last two of last year's visit to Vilnius was given the opportunity to make concrete progress, "- said in a statement, which is located on the website of the State Department.

Clinton Stresses that the United States and Lithuania had a long history of friendship and partnership, as both countries now encourage standards of democracy, rule of law and human rights, thereby creating a more benign makarom future. "We look forward to the follow-up work together with Lithuania in addressing the complex global issues," — said in a statement.

Also, the report states that U.S. Lithuanian citizens to join in the celebration of independence, also the inspiration that it gives all the countries of the world. "Be aware that the United States towards a peaceful and prosperous planet stand with you as a friend and ally of selfless" — concludes Clinton.

February 16, 1918 Lithuanian Council, headed by Jonas Basanavičius, announced the restoration of independence, founded on the principles of democracy, the country with the capital of Lithuania in Vilnius.

It should be noted that U.S. never de jure recognized the fact of becoming a part of the Baltic republics of the USSR.

On Tuesday, the Estonian Parliament adopted a declaration in which the fighters with Russian and German "occupation" expressed gratitude, and people in the service of these regimes and perpetrators of crimes against humanity, are condemned. The document is in Russian residents of Estonia called diversified reaction: many are simply not figured out who congratulated the deputies in the general case.

Founder of acceptance of the application Mihkelson, chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, recalled, in turn, students operatives who spread in Estonia at the end of the 40s anti-Soviet leaflets.

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