Clinton urges Russia to end its occupation in the Caucasus

As part of his own tour of the South Caucasus states Hillary Clinton looked for a visit to Misha Saakashvili. U.S. Secretary of State Mrs came not empty-handed, as usual, from a purely democratic gifts in the form of a military coast guard boats. And it really, what else can donate now head of the U.S. diplomatic, if not military vehicles … Tanks and missiles to carry with them to Georgia, Clinton did not (well, or just the general public they have not shown), but a couple of boats to protect Misha Saakashvili from the "invaders" from the messenger of the sea the most democratic country in the world presented. Such a gift tongued says about the nature of American diplomacy: if the chief diplomat allows for yourself to make gifts of this kind, then, there is, as they say, no comment …

Clinton urges Russia to end its occupation in the Caucasus

In Batumi, Hillary Clinton read a lot about US-Georgian friendship forever, that a couple of boats — this is only one part of the U.S. aid to the Georgian people to protect this people from trying to encroach on its sovereignty. Mrs. And the Secretary of State said that the U.S. goal — is, quote, "security in the Black sea, on land and at sea …" tirade, no doubt powerful, in the spirit of the American administration. If not for the ladies' voice, it would be possible to use your loaf that words belong to, at least, George W. Bush, which at one time entertained the world community to logistics performance art in the style of "No tasks are more important than protecting the homeland of our country" or "When I talk about himself, and when he says about me, we're talking about me."

Next Hillary Clinton apparently did not find within itself forces the brakes, decided to directly appeal to those who are "brutally occupied" Georgian countryside. U.S. Secretary of State almost claimed (at least, so it seemed Misha Saakashvili), that Russian troops out of South Ossetia. "Russia must respect the ceasefire agreement of 2008," — said Mrs. Clinton. After these words there is a reasonable question, and that, except Russian troops in South Ossetia as of August 2008, and "with all guns firing." Or, perhaps, the words whispered in the ear of Hillary Misha Nikolozovich which at least some noise grand fireworks now fancies Russian aggression …

To grasp the words of the South American Secretary of State, we are holding the Georgian Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilauri country. He hastened to remind you that now "northern neighbor" occupies about 20% of the territory of his country and thanked the United States for being in Washington advocate for the territorial integrity of Georgia.
After appeals immediately end the "occupation" of Georgian territory by Russia in turn went to the new diplomatic moves on Hillary Clinton. It is proposed to introduce to South Ossetia and Abkhazia neutral passports by which the inhabitants of these republics will have the opportunity to study in the United States. If we subject the words of Mrs. Clinton's analysis, it appears that a valid passport people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in the United States did not consider legitimate one, but the "neutral" passport here all the "civilized" countries will support. Although, there need to see that this passport, the idea that gave birth to the light itself or Misha Saakashvili, or with the same hints of Mrs. Clinton, and such is neutral. It is an important mark that corresponds to the internationalist code of Georgia. It turns out that the samples provide the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia such passports — is nothing else but an attempt to propagate the case of the Baltic States concerning "non-citizens". Only in this case, can alternatively be named is "neytrogruziny" or, more briefly, "non-Georgians". The idea, of course, in the spirit of the thoughts of early post-Soviet anti-Russian euphoria of the little pants which can not grow Misha Saakashvili.

After such a bounty from the ocean itself Misha Saakashvili in debt could not stay. That's why going to do alaverdy for Mrs. Clinton. The response was the most precious gift that is Misha Nikolozovich, specifically, a Georgian passport. Who is Hillary Clinton will get out of the wide leg souvenir of the Georgian President and remember "what kind of geographical news."
Such a gift, of course, could not go unnoticed by the "democratic" media. In this regard, featuring the "Radio Liberty", which on its own official website published a photograph of a handshake Clinton and Prime Minister Gilauri, but the signature that says "Hillary Clinton and Mikhail Saakashvili." Apparently, "democratizers" All the planet know that somewhere in the Caucasus mountains live some Misha Saakashvili, but it looks like this subject, no one knows for sure … Maybe she did not know and Hillary Clinton, when their boat gift was presented by …
In general, a meeting of old times of good friends come true. The parties were satisfied with each other. Sovereign Saakashvili (already in its own kind), apparently went to tame the new boat to cruise at them along the Black Sea coast, the waves of his "rodeo" With years of Abkhazia. And Mrs. Clinton, hiding presented Georgian Passport to the bottom of the suitcase, that, God forbid, do not detained by customs, went further — in Baku.

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