Clothes from the container: the designer has mixed science and fashion


Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres invented the clothes, which is applied to an object directly from a container with a spray. Then you can remove, wash and wear as well as the usual stuff from your wardrobe.

And even though it all sounds impossible, but Manel Torres even patented his amazing spray. The original idea came to him during his studies when he received a master's degree in the field of women's fashion at the Royal College of Art in London. Torres bothered by the fact that the creation of a single model had to spend a lot of time, especially if the fabric before sewing and cutting work had to paint. So he tried to think of 'futuristic, seamless, quick and easy-to-use material. "

As the designer did not have outstanding expertise in the field of chemistry, he turned for help to the scientists at Imperial College London. After several years of research and testing Manel still got a substance capable of when in contact with the human body to turn into a "second skin." Wonder fabric, invented Manel Torres, consists of short fibers mixed with a solvent, allowing it to spray from the spray at high pressure. Spray also comprises polymers that bind the fibers together and form when applied to the material body. Its texture may vary depending on the type of fibers used — wool, acrylic fiber, flax, etc.

Spray after spraying almost instantly hardens, becoming a new shirt or pair of pants. It can be used by both men and women. The designer has determined that with a spray can create different outfits, not only the texture but also decorated with all sorts of ornaments and patterns. Besides, he adds, so you can be sure that you are a holder of exclusive things in the locker room. Clothing of miracle fabric becomes quite strong, it can be washed and worn again, as is usually done, according to the publication Odditi Central.

Now Torres teamed up with chemical engineer Paul Lukhamom to develop ways to reduce the cost of the invention. The designer hopes that one day his clothes from the spray will become a real alternative to the traditional T-shirts, pants, blouses and skirts.

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