Coca-Cola is suing the Ministry of Defence

Coca-Cola is suing the Ministry of DefencePopular all over the world company could not wait to pay for military supplies soft drinks.

Company "Coca-Cola" asks the military paid for the supply of drink

Ural Branch of the "Coca-Cola" has provided the Central Military District, the gas-water for very severe amount. But, despite the commitments made, payments were not received.

Management Trade of the Central Military neighborhood (in the documents department still listed as the Volga-Ural IN) ordered for the military units of the Sverdlovsk region almost 7 thousand bottles with "pop." But to pay for drink military for some reason did not.

Desperate to wait for the calculation, the regional office "Coca-Cola" filed in the Tribunal to unscrupulous buyers in uniform.

— Branch of the "Coca-Cola" asks the defendant 208 718 thousand rubles of debt, — explained to the press-secretary of the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region Varzine Sarityan. — The first meeting on the case is scheduled for October 6.

Meanwhile, in the Central Military surroundings belie such debt.

— We have checked all our correspondence — we have not received any definition of the arbitral tribunal, — said the head of the Information Response CVO Jaroslav Roschupkin. — And in general Management Trade Area of the Central Military no longer goes into the composition of our bodies! So let them sort it out themselves with a suit!

But in the Department of Commerce CVO take a different view.

— We belong to the Ministry of Defence — says employee management Isa Murtavina. — Our main task — to ensure that the military power of the Sverdlovsk region. I think the last time the authorities will pay off with "Coca-Cola".

In general, in this situation, ordinary soldiers have already won. While the military and soda manufacturers recognize the case in court, ordinary rank and file while away their service for a bottle of fizzy.

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