Comfort in every season of the year

Comfort in any season

Probably every one of us noticed the winter when the door is opened to us rushes cool rush of air, there is a draft and leaves a gentle heat. And that read, if it is shop, bank, office or agency, where constantly there is a large flow of people simply do not have time to heat stored inside the premises, and drafts bring a lot of inconvenience to the staff and the cost of heating has considerably strengthened.

In order to get rid of all of these reasons have been developed special thermal curtains that are managed in such a stunningly drafty, do not let the cool air in the room and do not let warm. And as electronic thermal Zahav to minimize heating costs, because according to the research Thermal Curtains help to reduce this expenditure by eighty percent.

Almost all the thermal curtain, the sale of which is for the time being, have a modern design, thanks to this they can be installed in any room, they always harmoniously fit into at least some interior.

At the current time, specifically electronic thermal curtains, the sale of which is gaining more and more popularity, many companies allow, warehouses, stores, hypermarkets make at low cost, very comfortable.

In the main all thermal curtains can be divided into two main parts — the type of heating air flow, an electronic thermal Zahav and water. E Zahav heats the air flow is usually due to a special TENu, which has a modern design, characterized by the highest level of security without spalivaet oxygen, etc.. Water heated air curtains flow thanks to the hot water from the central heating system, such Zahav is more cost-effective option, but installing additional requests of real costs.

The design of e- thermal curtains pretty ordinary, an iron casing, which is located in the fan, heating element, the turbine. It should be noted that Thermal Curtains the sale of which is in stores or online stores usually have a length of less than 2-meters, but the turbine, from which the air flow is the maximum length may be eighty see other words in huge costs several models of turbines, between which there is a failure, because sometimes profitable to set up two veils.

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