Commander of Airborne Regiment died on the teachings of an incorrectly fallen tree

Commander of Airborne Regiment was killed because of the exercises incorrectly fallen treeCommander 4th Guards air defense missile regiment of the 76th Chernigov Guards Airborne Division, Colonel Roman Iljasov catastrophically died during training exercises in the Pskov region.

Emergency happened on Mon landfill "Struga reddish." Under the battery of tactical exercises with the explosion had to be simulated blockage of the road, told "Interfax" Managing military investigation department of the TFR in the Pskov garrison Vitaly Mironov.

One thing tree befallen was moving tractor unit which moved Colonel Ilyas. He received injuries incompatible with life, and died on the spot. In addition, the insignificance of injured commander battery. In fact the state of emergency is conducted investigation check, says the UK.

According to the "truth of Pskov," one of the trees that are cut down by a charge to simulate the dam, fell not once, but after a certain time, when it has no one expected. And right on the tractor, which was sitting on the regimental commander.

This is not the first incident at the range "Struga reddish." April 13 last year in time exercises there killed four soldiers of the 106th Tula Airborne Division and more one was injured when inside a self-propelled artillery system "Nona" there was a spontaneous explosion of ammunition caliber 120 mm.

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