Commander of the Navy proposed a candidate for the title of the Preobrazhensky Regiment

Commander of the Navy proposed a candidate for the title of the Preobrazhensky Regiment

Assignment of a noble name "Preobrazhensky Regiment" worthy based in Kubinka 45th separate special purpose Airborne Regiment, said Tuesday Airborne Troops Commander Colonel General Vladimir Shamanov.

"We made out at a meeting of the Military Council of the words of the Supreme Commander Navy, who proposed to return the historical name of the Transfiguration and Semyonov for 2-regiments of the Russian army," — said the Shaman, as quoted by the "Interfax". "We will propose to assign the 1st of these titles 45 th individual special forces regiment (OPSN) in view of its history," — he said.

"I am instructed to prepare information on the history of the formation of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment of the Russian army," — said the Shaman. He recalled that the 45th OPSN traces its history to a special purpose company, stationed at Navy headquarters in the metropolitan area of Sokolniki. Then it was the battalion, then — regiment with stationed in Kubinka.

"Given our place (Sokolniki are near the former village of Transfiguration, where Peter Lofty create one of your own first" amusing "regiments), we will offer the 45th OPSN", — he said.

Shamans entered into correspondence with the controversial former Chief of the General Staff Yuri Baluyevsky, which, According to him, in the old days said that Russian army regiments remained worthy to wear the name "Transfiguration" and "Semyonov."

As part of the briefing Shamans also offered to return to the Soviet Union existed during practice obedience certain parts of the landing connections Army Aviation.

"We offer similar to the languid air assault brigades of the Soviet era to experience the Ulyanovsk-based 31-th separate air assault brigade (ODSHBR) to include in its composition Helicopter regiment of 40 helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-20 helicopters, 24, also subordinate to the commander of the brigade one-two regiments languid helicopters. Then — in three to five years — to study the teachings in different weather criteria — the Caucasus, Central Asia, in the Arctic, "- said the commander.

He said the helicopter regiment proposed position at the airport Ulyanovsk-East. Required experience for one or two regiments of languid helicopter meant to take out of the Central Military neighborhood.

"We are completing the draw such a proposal to the General Staff," — said the Shaman. "In the last two years, almost all of our request for an allocation of Army Aviation fulfilled," — said the commander.

He also noted that the new tasks Airborne associated with the role of 2-connections in the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) of the CSTO, causing the need to restore the post of deputy commander of the Airborne Troops for Peacekeeping Operations.

"In the CSTO RRF political decision marked the 98th Airborne Division (Ivanovo) and the 31th Separate Air Assault Brigade (Ulyanovsk)" — reminded Shamans. According to him, the scheduled on Wednesday a joint meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Council of Ministers of Defence and the Committee of Secretaries of the Security Council of the CSTO "will be a series of decisions."

"As far as I know, is preparing a political decision the formation of the Military Committee of the CSTO, I know that prepares decision the introduction to the same database as Chief of Staff of CSTO, which have so strenuously "woos" the previous defense minister, "- said the commander. "If such a decision will be accepted, apparently, will be assigned to someone who will determine the new defense minister. On Wednesday, all will become clear, "- said the Shaman.

"Potentially, these two compounds can be used by the President and by the collective decision of the CSTO member states. In this regard, we were asked to return the army deputy commander of Navy on Peacekeeping Operations and the RRF with a small structure that is permitted to this officer by the President on the merits immediately proceed to the assigned tasks, "- said the Shaman.

The commander also spoke about weapons, noting that the Russian Airborne Troops is not against the purchase of imported samples of guns, but they believe that with all this must be considered ideology commandos who must try out these weapons in the field.

Speaking of the prospects of purchases of light armored vehicles on the basis of the Italian company IVECO, the commander saw that the appropriate decisions are made without representation paratroopers. "Why do we have declined to cohabit?" — He asks, referring to those who perceived the appropriate solutions.

The commander said that at the moment he does not "decide which technique will go to the Navy." "This is certainly true. But for all that I have to have the right to vote. With previous management Defense dialogue did not work "- he stated.

"Today is a normal, stable operation," — he saw the commander.

He told that in Russia made several development projects, the implementation of which will allow to make parachutes for landing techniques in remotely controlled manner.

"We started this work. I hope its the first results will be in two years, "- he said.

At the same time, the commander admitted that "because of the loss of Uzbek cotton, we have lost the opportunity to create a parachute-rocket systems, which allow descent to Earth in 1.5-2 times faster."

As for the personal parachute systems, the assessment Shamanova, "conducted in 2012, tests showed that the system D10 — the best zabugornyh counterparts."

"For their own expense Institute has developed a parachute system D12" The leaf ". It surpasses D10 ", — said the commander.

"At the moment sold in the State programmke arms provides greater proportion of controlled parachute systems such as" Crossbow ". In the intelligence unit of their number will be increased, "- he said.

Shamans also revealed that international exercises in which in 2012 was attended by soldiers of the Airborne Troops, have shown that Russian paratroopers necessarily correspond to their employees, and by means of landing "we significantly surpassed them."

The forthcoming Russian paratroopers better training commander sees on ways to increase the number of contract in the Navy. "The task — to bring the number of contractors and 70%. At the moment, the average for the troops this figure a little superior to 40%, "- he said. "The year (emergency) services imposes certain difficulties," — he admitted.

The best on this indicator are the 31th Separate Air Assault Brigade (Ulyanovsk) — 57 percent. — And an artillery regiment (Kostroma). The last part is equipped with contracted by 92%.

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, Russian President Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly on December 12 said that the Russian army to restore tradition to maintain morale.

"The morale of the armed forces, meanwhile, carried on the tradition for a living connection with history, with examples of courage and sacrifice of heroes. I believe that the Russian army should be revived in the names of more famous regime
nts, military units and formations of past eras: the Russian, and more than of early eras. Such units as the Transfiguration and Semyonov regiment"- Said Putin, authorizing the Secretary of Defense to make appropriate proposals.

'Revival of the famous regiments appreciated in its own column columnist gaze Ilya Kramnik.

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