Commander of the Navy proposes to equip the troops desantiruemye robots

Commander of the Navy proposes to equip the troops desantiruemye robots

The commander of the Airborne Troops (VDV), Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov proposed equip subordinate troops desantiruemye robotics, told reporters on Saturday Representative Defense RF Navy Colonel Alexander Kucherenko.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered to do in Russian Defense Ministry Center robotics. It is understood that Defense Russia will equip its robotics division, similar to those used in emergency situations.

"Robotics is needed to fully paratroopers particular purpose. According to the Commander (Navy), these machines are simply necessary for the activities clearance, overcoming those obstacles or other" — said Kucherenko.

According to him, trying to airborne seen in the Emergency Center ("Favorite") in December of last year, Shamans expressed his intention to vigorously implement technological innovations and modern technologies in the troops entrusted to him, and carefully braked on the unique capabilities of remote-controlled mechanized complexes.

"However, these complexes, with reference to VDV be miniaturized and desantiruemye" — cited Kucherenko Shamanova words. He added that the commander of the Navy also called for the early introduction of combat training in computer technology, because "the current standoff goes to the invisible war."

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