Commander of the Swifts slandered

Commander of the "Swifts" slanderedCommander famous aerobatic team "Swifts" Valery Morozov remains in limbo. Defense Ministry changed his mind to dismiss the officer from the military before September 5, 2012 for failure to comply with the criterion of the contract. The center display aircraft behalf Kozhedub will soon begin official proceedings. The fate of Colonel would have to decide Examination Board.

Commented the situation agreed last deputy commander of the "Swifts" solo pilotazhnik, Guard lieutenant colonel Dmitry Koposov, who now works as a co-pilot in the airline "Yakutia".

Recall Valery Morozov was arrested in suburban aviagarnizone Kubinka, according to one version, with matching funds from the employer for the implementation of the emblem aerobatic team. On the other hand, he sought funds from subordinates. With all of this myself Valery Morozov own not guilty and maintains that it slandered, maybe one of laid-off from a group of officers.

-Dmitry, who, in your opinion, could be profitable this provocation?

-The Man Who Framed Valery Morozov, came to us in the "Swifts" four years back. At that time we took in aerobatic group of 1 — 2 per year. Accordingly, we are counting on them, as the process of transfer to the group was at the time of 6 to 8 months. I was at the time deputy commander of the aerobatic team of educational work. And the first question that I asked Alexei Novikov, was: "Dmitry, when I have such a lovely jumpsuit like you?" I told him, "After the first loop of the take-off." It is, apparently, upset, and three months later he exchanged letters on a made-up headaches. When a pilot is not appropriate to be written off, he says, the doctors: "You know, I have a headache when I take off." The head, as they say, the subject of black, the study can not be. In such cases, usually blamed pilot with flight operations and all creeping with the world.

Fully none of us expected from Novikov's such a setup. But Valery Morozov arranged for his wife through a personal connection to the great neurologist help he could. This man for all our team just lost. It's our fault that one might not consider it a real face.

A Novikov now live with it. Is the supreme tribunal — own conscience. But if he's still with her as — that negotiated … No it will not peel. Who needs to get dirty about it?

-As a business Alexei Novikov could be associated with the symbol "Swifts"?

-I was very surprised to learn that Novikov entrepreneur. And how does it relate to the symbolism of the "Swifts" is not clear. Legal owner of the emblem "Swifts" is not even the Department of Defense, not aerobatic group and pilots. This right is embodied by one — the only one. I know this man personally, and I can assure you — it is with Novikov was not acquainted. Who is it — you can find in the patent office. One thing I can say is our good friend. To protect themselves from the appearance of the emblem "Swifts" on what — that harmful products, we asked the man to take on all the costs of its execution. In fact ownership of the right symbol "Swifts" no tangible profits does not work.

-Initially it was reported that Valery Morozov sought in 7 own subordinates in the process of dismissal, on 5 th. for the fact that he would not seek their origin in the service before the order to fire them.

-I quit only recently, in July. But I'm to the subdivision "Swifts" does not include the last three years he served in the administration of the Center display aircraft behalf Kozhedub. But the pilots all my friends, I am well acquainted with the situation. Believe me, even on one person's extortion was not, not to mention 7. There are 7 resigning — that does not reach.

— "Swifts" and "Russian Knights" was offered to move to Lipetsk. Do not try so makarom pilots aerobatic teams squeeze with Cuban women?

-It's all come together at one point. Novikov showed up with his statement to the police. The group got into a situation where it is necessary to fly to the international show, and Valery A. nobody to change. Group basically came out of this situation, but I am sure that by four guys in Serbia would have worked even better than triple.

And want to squeeze out fliers with Cuban women could do it even easier. The buzz nothing to something. Those who are engaged in similar intrigues, should be aware that the flight team has come out in the press, and friends. Blurring a name like Morozov is difficult.

-Earlier it was reported that the officer Morozova going to dismiss from military service until September 5, 2012 for failure criterion contract.

-This is another point that I was very entertained. If you mean, Tipo, extortion, it's just funny, because the fact is not yet confirmed, not a lot, do not even filed charges. If the officer did not observe any — Fri or other agreement, why it was not noticed before, and has come up suddenly at the moment? Who — that the Ministry of Defence initially commits are any steps, and only later reflect.

-For Valery Morozov in the Center will be held behalf Kozheduba official proceedings. How will the evaluation committee?

-There is a fact of the application. Try to spot the officer. It was expected to be part of the committee that will consider the behavior of the pilot on the basis of prepared, including the human resources department, documents. Decision will be made, for example, an officer conducted himself with dignity, or — not worthy, we viewed it. I think the evaluation committee will make out everything right and make your own conclusion. Certifying Commission should not be afraid. Valery A. fear nothing. He is diligent and conscientious people officer.

-You communicated with Valery Morozov in the last days?

-Yes. He was stunned at the — first, the behavior of the Novikov, in the — second — inadequate response of the Ministry of Defence. Man at first quite as willing, and later to see what comes of it? Pass through the test officer, either did not take place? It feels that the Ministry of Defence just curious what would happen if we aggravate the situation further? This, in my opinion, is completely incorrect position in relation to the officer corps.

I recall a case two years ago when, during a fire lit warehouses on the base of the Navy in the Kolomna district near Moscow. Decree of President Dmitry Medvedev had dismissed senior bureaucrats, as deputy chief of naval aviation Colonel Stories and base commander Col. Victor Biront. The latter was dismissed with the words "non-performance of the contract." During the investigation it was found out that the same Biront showed exceptional heroism. He served in the armed forces 26 years, during this period of time has not received a 1st penalty. In the suburban area of Kolomenskoye in the position of the base commander, he served only three months and 25 days, and during this time decided measures to ensure fire safety on the base. He and his men on their own until the last fire was extinguished, the fire helped fundamental documents, weapons and ammunition. For them it was necessary to compensate. But not all were rescued … Media then trumpeted on negligence of the military. A year later Lyuberetskiy garrison military court sorted out and returned to the post of Victor Bironta. It was recognized and illegal dismissal of Colonel Rassk
azova. This worthy officer and currently serves in the army safely. Once the information about it has not gone anywhere.

Valery Morozov also currently recklessly hard. Douse mucky person simply. Who would later whitewash pilot?

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