Comment disk imaging department of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation in connection with Russian media by the statements of the President of Syria

Comment of the Information Department of the Foreign Ministry of Russia in connection with the question of Russian media by the statements of the President of SyriaQuestion: A number of Russian media channels, with reference to some media published zabugornye now attributed to the President Syria expression of the danger expose Israel massive rocket and artillery fire. Are the reports of the reality of this statement, the Syrian president?

Answer: At this point there is a corresponding denial of the authorities of both the Syria, and Turkey. So, I think the answer to this question clear. But limited to a statement of such appears to be incorrect.

We believe that in this case we are dealing with a tough provocation frank act of information warfare being waged against Syria. Of course, that behind this force, interested in the fact that very much to discredit image Syria and its management in the eyes of the public and achieve the creation of such makarom criterion to justify external interference in the affairs Syria to overthrow the existing regime there.

Such actions are unacceptable. They only make it difficult to search for such solutions to the current crisis in the SAR, which not only would ensure its peaceful transformation into a modern democratic government, and would ensure the preservation of peace and stability throughout the Middle East region.

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