Comments British military about their own participation in the operation in the skies over Libya

Comments British military on its participation in the operation in the skies over Libya

In connection with the political events in Libya have taken place so quickly, the English army played an important role in supporting NATO in the revitalization of the airborne operation rebels in this troubled country. So they say, without exception British soldiers struck at Libyan ground reports English Portal

"Royal Air Force aircraft and helicopters captured airy place. Operation "Cast Lead" was an effort to end the reign of Colonel Gaddafi and his outrage that the United Nations considers a crime against humanity. But perfectly understands the army and having secured experience Gaddafi realized how hard to ensure the preservation of life, and turned his hand back, "- explains the purpose of the military intervention of Britain in the operation one official Minooborony.

Captain Mick Velborn of the 9th Regiment, the Royal Lancers was the liaison officer (GLO) in Anzola dell 'Emilia — an air base in southern Italy. His work became the prototype for all land-based tactical knowledge for flight crews operating in the skies over Libya. Specifically, he led the RAF planes to their targets.

Acting as an air force reserve support, England, usually sent from 12 to 14 flights a day, as the captain Velborn.

"I'm just a fighter, attached to the Air Force at work, and I appreciate what I see, and will give the team the aircraft all the things that need to be solved to ground troops," — he said after a reporter asked him about the possible pangs of conscience about the destruction of innocent people.

The employee works with the RAF in the 2nd Squadron ("Tornado") and provide technical support to the military 3rd Squadron ("Typhoon") to create the required military capabilities.

Libyans borrowed Russian ammunition load and the strategy, so that many British military could share the information, which is a version of the Libyan war, because it knew very well the strategy of the Soviet Union in the air war.

"There were times when I rushed to the runway — says Velborn — to bring the crew the most important information at the last moment, because it was of fundamental importance for saving their lives."

The role of the Air Force, the equipped helicopter Apache, ending the Libyan war has caused. Where the work "Hurricanes" and "Typhoon", which stormed conducted surveillance, find purpose and made a reconnaissance, Army Gaddafi had to capitulate.

One of nedavneshnih attacks of Apache helicopters caused the destruction of government buildings.

Major General Nick Pope, spokesman for British forces in Libya, said: "It was a difficult and very effective crew Apache raid deep into Libya, about 40 miles (64 km) to hit the force Gaddafi, including military ton and multiple means of communication, Colonel. "
"The former regime forces continue to threaten the Libyan citizens and make it as if it were a NATO aircraft strikes on civilian targets. It is a gross provocation "- says the official dealer RAF Gary Falls.

Drawing attention to the requirements for the Army and Air Force in England, the commander of the air operation Gary Falls added:
"We have to neutralize the risk of re-establishing Gaddafi, but the use of only air means. Helicopters "Apache" still fall closer to their deeds than jets. They are able to distinguish between people in the world. This justifies the need to have such a machine for waging modern warfare. They perfectly complement attack aircraft from the air and help to find those targets more accurately. In Gaddafi No chance! ".

On the basis of these comments, it can be concluded that the military England seriously believe that they have done in Libya good causes. And, as you can see, they are not sufficiently concerned that during the operation killed thousands of civilians from rockets fired from planes and helicopters of the RAF.

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