Commercial dragon. The transfer of space in private hands — a fashion darling

Commercial dragon.  The transfer of space in private hands - a fashion darlingOn Tuesday, 2012.05.22 made personal by «SpaceX» rocket «Falcon 9" launched into space made by the same company transport ship «Dragon».

Flight data set is impressive. To low-Earth orbit — namely, to orbital stations — shows 10 tons. Excluding the weight of the "Dragon" desired load — from various sources — from four to six tons. According to the plan of the first test flight of "Dragon" should dock with the international gallakticheskoy station to deliver her 521 pounds of water, food and supplies for the tests, and then return to Earth of about 660 kg of equipment to be reused, and the results of tests.

Decent and declared commercial properties. Namely, manned version of "Dragon" should be delivered to the ISS, and goes downhill from there up to 7 people — as many as fits within flew from 1981.04.12 "shuttles". But for the cost of the 1st flight "shuttle" is meant to provide a dozen flights "dragon". Moreover, based on the 1st astronaut start will be about half the price of a flight to our "Union".

This is, in general, not surprisingly. The cost of the flight to the "Union" is turned profits going to a lot of other developments RosKosmos (and rumored to be reaching to these developments with little or no loss in the sediment on the authoritative pockets). SpaceX currently bolshennymi plans the creation of the latest technology does not brag, and the rate of profit in the South American business today — in the midst of the second majestically depression — mild enough. In truth, the profit should markedly exceed the cost of the loan and the Federal spare system is not the first year loans to big banks virtually nothing, and they can in turn offer some privileged loans to customers on criteria covering except that the cost of registration fees. Techno constituent of the costs of start-up is unlikely to markedly different.

Naturally, the "Falcon" was developed only recently, and on the basis of the latest achievements of aviation and gallakticheskoy technology. "Union" is also descended from the R-7, whose development started 1954.05.10, First — Bad! — 1957.05.15 launch took place, and First in full flight program there was 1957.08.21. Yet the excellence of "Union" does not yield at least some other gallakticheskoy now flying rocket. Just as every flight is under the control of a huge number of sensors and telemetry channels, gives designers a huge amount of information about the behavior of the system, and all these details are used to refine the components, materials substitution and other activities, to ennoble every day main "workhorse" of the Russian space.

By the way, the main drawback of the American "shuttle" was exactly the plan that was presented their main advantage. Reusable design is virtually impossible to refine. In the process of development — in 1971 the 9th — the designers have found the perfect solution. But after the first flight of the development of the system had to finish. «Columbia», «Challenger», «Discovery», «Atlantis» and even «Endeavour», built in the late 1980s to replace the deceased «Challenger», very faithfully reproduce flown exclusively in the atmosphere (for the development of the technology fit) «Enterprise» — on another ground crew would have had to re-adjust before each start-up all your equipment and undergo thorough training of the crew. In the end, to the last flight of winged 2011.07.08 proud handsome obsolete, so that no one even tried to open a discussion seriously develop them — incomparably easier to make the latest technology from scratch.

Bimbo — announced 2006.08.22 — development National Aeronautics and Space Administration — manned spacecraft «Orion» — partly reusable: Reusable means lander that will house and some part of the instrument module. Perhaps its life will not be so great, and the new ships will finalize as clusters of engineering experience and the emergence of new designs from subcontractors.

Ship «Dragon» vorachivaetsya actually quite: the propulsion system, fuel tanks, batteries, and other equipment the instrument compartment. However, the stated number of repeat performances, as it is small — about a dozen. So it will be better — though much slower than our manned "Soyuz" and cargo "Progress".

The first stage of the rocket «Falcon» planned as reusable. However, starting with the first prototype — 2010.06.04 — she is so damaged that it is not reusable. I had to make the latest. Maybe damage to the first stages will be quite common for operational improvements. But the second stage is one hundred percent single. Accordingly, it can be even better each time. The hope is that it stays forever on the front edge of technological progress, as well as our ancient, but aging "Seven."

However, this requires another condition — saving the company, which develops and produces complex. Or at least maintaining continuity with the inevitable market in the world divisions, mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, the restructurings …

And then buried one of the huge number of dogs, forcing NASA to emphasize — for the sake of today's heavy advertising of miracles worked by the invisible hand of the market — commercial disposition of a new start.

«Orion» develops a fully commercial company «Lockheed Martin». She also participate in the development of a "shuttle" together with as much commercial «Thiokol», «Alliant Techsystems», «Martin Marietta», «Boeing», «Rockwell». Yet both projects including municipal, as issues common technical specifications and coordinates the work of NASA.

But work on the set of «Falcon» + «Dragon» is optional although NASA and its specifications, but without the direct intervention of countries in the activities of designers and konveyerschikov. His role in this case is limited to the issuance of a formal contract and test its performance.

In my view, this distinction is quite unlikely to talk about the beneficial invisible hand of the market. Especially considering how beautiful is confirmed — and even for a long period of time prior to today's depression — the basic ability of the hand — the ability to stifle his own followers. Specific prerequisite crisis began dismantling virtually all municipal governing devices developed from the experience of the previous — First — Lofty depression. Move it in the main determined by the reluctance of the authorities of most countries still call themselves developed, directly intervene in economic activities (for intervention would require a first belt-tightening, not only for ordinary people.) In these criteria actually need at least a reason in favor of non-intervention. His stories and provide a pure market nature of modern gallakticheskoy system.

At the theoretical level, it is possible that in the near future it will be comparable to a set of business objectives gallakticheskih fully cover the cost of the development and creation of new missiles and ships. Then maybe your private company will be able to undertake the development of this technique on a purely market basis. But as long as these problems would not have seen: even communications satellites, navigation, meteorological observation missiles are launched once its spin-off from military tasks (the same "seven
" was the world's first intercontinental ballistic missile, and its establishment guaranteed retaliatory nuclear strike on the United terrain of the Americas, which is significantly dampened thence hot head). The complex is the first time released into orbit 2012.05.22, can hardly be considered a commercial: the process of its creation is no different from all the previous American gallakticheskih nothing significant developments, not including rampant — from South American scale — Advertising of South American species of doing things, and has long been thoroughly proved to be ineffective and inside the country all the more inferior to relations, one way or another controlled by the state.

I hope our gallakticheskaya branch will not lead to this advertisement and remains centralized and State.

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