Communal epic

Communal epic

In the past couple years, the officers living in emergency hostel former professors at the Institute of reddish Big Pirogov Street in Moscow, without result fighting with bureaucrats in the Ministry of Defence for the resettlement of decent housing.

The story began in 2010, when by order of the Minister Serdyukov did interdepartmental commission which was to assess the condition of the hostel. According to the officers, no special checks profile organization experts at the Ministry of Defence 26 CRI did not spend, and ruled on the accident "by eye."

Then no one really did not protest, as the complex of buildings really sought overhaul, and many soldiers have long stood in the queue for housing. But, as it turns out, to allocate flats in the capital they were never going to. Supposed to resettle the inhabitants of the communal, hostels and apartments in the suburbs.

Many officers have rebelled and have filed lawsuits in civilian courts, which have supported them and ordered the Defense Ministry to allocate home. Bureaucrats do the same decisions of the courts and not going over and over again filed appeal to a higher authority.

Communal epic

The end results of activity of a group of officers came with claims to the ECHR. In April of this year, the case "against Ilyushkin Russian Federation" was won by them, and the European Tribunal ordered the Russian Federation to allocate home and to pay the officers for tysche euro year delay. Treasury funds allocated, but the living space so no one has provided. Apartments were found only after the ECHR representatives filed a complaint against Russia to the Council of Ministers of Europe.

But Pirogovke still have 18 families who rely on the ECHR is not necessary. During the three years of vessels, pressure, bribery and threats of 800 students and teachers of the Military Institute have only a handful of people willing to follow through. On February 1, 2012 hostel officially declared inapplicable to move in, and at the entrances to time there is the announcement of the shutdown of electricity, gas and water.

Communal epic

Dweller Pirogovke, Political Science, Colonel Valery Prilepsky only to the president to ensure that it deserved a large family apartment Russian Federation draws 5 times.

"House-Saw," as dubbed Pirogovke for the unusual placement of buildings, has not been renovated since 1975. Now, that passers-by on the head from falling balconies, it kind of enclosed iron fence. Despite the late hour, the windows almost all black, backyard area actually covered. A little on the other side of the street in the glare of floodlights lit not so long ago built complex high-end homes.

Despite the hardships of life, Colonel Prilepsky sociable and cheerful person. According to him, optimism and hope is the only thing that helps his family did not give up.

Communal epic

Once in the hallway, I habitually went to the door of the elevator, to which my companion smiled and said that the elevators are working here only for the inhabitants of the upper floors. In the semi-darkness reigns entrance, the stairs in the potholes. The walls, painted about 30 years back, top to bottom, and spray-painted izrisoval and flaking paint is in perfect harmony with the bear off pieces of plaster on his head.

From these great big holes in the ceiling radiant flat stick wrapped wires wood joists. Rusted batteries on cells of the ladder, not once burst, then several floors flooded cool the boiling water. Just by luck it happened at a time when the kids were in school or kindergarten.

Communal epic

In the kitchen, the situation is no better. "One day my neighbor went to the kitchen to warm up dinner and saw here, as from its windows belching black smoke. As it turns out, lit up the ancient wiring. We men barely put out a fire, and later without the help of others were painting the entire floor, the ceilings were black with soot and grime "- says Valery.

But all these stories and memories fade, when you get to bathrooms Pirogovke. As to be expected, half sinks and toilets do not work here, tile repulsed. The last renovation was carried out communications here about 10 years back. Then just changed the supply tubes, and putting out an old left. Polkonika wife Marina told that when the neighbors above flushed the toilet or washing machine is drained, the cracks of the tail pipe on the floor of their contents leaking sewers.

Communal epic

Due to the fact that the pipes can not withstand the pressure, and the ceilings leak, over-the-bathroom inhabitants built a sort of hut of greenhouse films. Above this protective capsule hanging from the dark ceiling mold and putrefaction. Commenting on the surprised look on my face, Valerie said, "We are, of course, was a little afraid that the ceiling can fail, and try the bath without the need not to climb at a time when the top of washes. Fortunately, on this point in a hostel not a lot of people, and with the neighbors before we even considered just in the unfortunate event construct a protective structure. Well, that's nothing. That's the second case we have a real post-apocalyptic aesthetics. "

It seems such an inhuman and unsafe conditions just to get used unreal. But the 4-year-old daughter Paulina Prilepsky another life does not know. And the older kids, 13-year-old Nastya and 11-year-old Daniel, almost everyone understands. Having learned that the Colonel is the offspring, I immediately wondered whether Valery no dreams of a military career for him. Head of the family looked at me in surprise, noting that such a fate offspring never would have wished. Well, he is unlikely to want to.

Valery got into a residence already in the second time. Prior to 1996, while a student at the Academy of Humanities sun, he lived for 4 years in another case. After serving in the Army after graduation, he returned to his native walls of the university to finish graduate school. His doctorate in 2001 and became head of the research team at the Military Institute, Valery so remained in the walls Pirogovke.

In 2008 Prilepsky was removed from the staff in connection with the reform of the army. Since the military is not provided with housing, can not be reduced, it remains fully provided for by the Ministry of Defense. By law, the military department shall allocate him an apartment in the capital area of over 105 square meters. But the best thing offered to an officer
for the last three years, so it's moving in the village of Lubertsy October.

"As soon as the emergency hostel recognized and accommodated students on applying for housing 250 people Naselle housing department under the guidance of Olga Lirshaft. We immediately pronounced that no apartments in Moscow, and began to threaten and haggle. To me on these "private conversation" came five or six times. In the end, not all of us survived, and after a while there were only 50 families. Exclusively in our dorm Serdyukov saved by 200 apartments "- outraged Valery.

And Valery is not going to give up: "We are living in close quarters, but not mad at each other. Three boys asleep in the room, and my wife and I in the adjacent. Nothing, somehow get out. I hope that in a new year, something in our lives will change. In any case, we believe it ".

Disorganize hostel, where they live honored officers and their families, and the super-expensive multi-room apartments (like in a luxury house in the Dairy Lane) to provide top bureaucrats and ministerial official in — that's the image of the reform of the Ministry of Defence.

Now the War Department in the eyes of ordinary taxpayers is associated with a bottomless pit, where the stolen funds. In the Russian Union rassredotachivaniem home in the middle of the military was engaged in one service. At its base over the past 8 years, was created departments dealing with the housing issue.

The result of this innovation is that all of the country's military for apartments exceeded 50 thousand people, many of them have long been forgotten even its own serial number. Since the government has no right to dismiss an officer without providing him with all this home, all these people are on the municipal security.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defence pays utility bills for 60 thousand already built, but for various reasons, empty apartments, just as the Central Military surroundings do not need 50 percent of the home. On payment of downtime square meters only from January to April of this year was spent more than 15 billion rubles.

After nedavneshnih scandals in the Ministry of Defense was saying what do bureaucrats military establishment: they put up for sale in the capital, thousands of square feet of vacant homes, apartments inspire "with views of the Kremlin 'own relatives and officials, and the rank and file officers are sent outside Moscow.

In this regard, Valery Prilepsky offered to write all the reports provided with housing officers. According to the views of the colonel, the new management of the Ministry of Defense and the military prosecutor's office will be immediately found a big difference between the number of those who actually got the apartment and ministerial statements.

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