Communicating with demons

More than any other in this endeavor succeeded Blemish Suleiman, who is also an Old Testament King Solomon caught a almost all the jinn and packing them into bottles. Then seal the vessels own seal and threw it in the sea

All the religions of the world — in spite of their difference — warn mortals of communicating with demons, devil, devils, jinns and other vermin.

But in Iran for a deep interest in otherworldly forces can end up in the dock.

The same laws apply strictly to all citizens of the spring of 2011 "for communicating with jinn" were arrested close associates of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And under it by the chair reeled …


All this would be funny if it were not so sad. Iran — a theocratic state, in which the first person — religious leader — Ayatollah Khamenei. It is he who makes key policy decisions and is also commander in chief. President — the second person in the country. And because communication with jinn Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussed, not on the pages of yellow newspapers, and on the top — the political and religious elite of Iran. For the Iranian leader accused of communicating with "unknown worlds" of death (in any case, political) alike.

What, in fact, guilty of the president?

The fact that Ahmadinejad is convinced that world order can only bring the Twelfth Imam — the Mahdi. Only he will be able to make an end of war, famine and poverty gone, all the people are Muslims, and the whole earth reigned prosperity. One problem: in Islam, it is considered that predict the coming of the Imam Mahdi is impossible. But for some reason the president did not pay any attention to this fact. And from time to time with the electorate divided his existential experience, talked about the mystical contact with the Messiah, as well as their intuitions imminent end of the world.

Ayatollah indignant, but suffered such antics executive. However, even a worm will turn. The last straw was the documentary "is coming coming" authored by people coming president. The filmmakers have made a clear conclusion: the return of the Twelfth Imam is about to take place, because the world is plunged into chaos, tyranny, ignorance and unbelief. Iranian conservatives rose up on its hind legs: say, from this information, where is the source?

The trial began at the top. And the conclusion of the highest commission has been extremely disappointing for the coming of the president's: information about the imminent appearance of the Mahdi filmmakers 'leaked' … jinn.

PRINT Suleiman

You know who the jinn?

Also God's creation. Made of smokeless fire. They live in a different dimension, as well — the same people: men and women — eat, drink, give birth to offspring. Among them are notorious villains and villains, there is quite a good magicians. Thanks to the community endowed with supernatural (for humans, of course) skills: able to teleport to turn into anyone and anything, and so on and so forth

Qur'an declared these divine creatures persona non grata. However, all the Islamic mystics throughout the ages not miss the opportunity not only to have a familiarity with the jinn, but subordinate to their will. More than others in this field have succeeded the Prophet Suleiman (aka Old Testament, King Solomon). He caught a almost all the jinn and packing them into bottles. Then seal the vessels own seal (that's how it prints Suleiman) and thrown into the sea.

But no matter how successful was the hunting, all fiery spirits Suleiman wipe failed. The survivors began to avenge people, especially those who themselves sought a meeting with jinn: these accidents are just crazy, if not embittered without white light. But here's the paradox: wanting to start their own genie of this does not diminish. One example of this — extensive Talmud leadership on "how to subdue the genie": one of them in addition to valuable knowledge are keeping the dust of ages, but others still smell printing facet.

Dangerous Liaisons

One of these trainers were jinn and Abbas Ghafari. He also had the misfortune to be one of the creators of the film "Nearing Coming" and a good friend of the president. And he also was one of the first people authorities accused of "possessing special skills in metaphysics and connections with the unknown worlds." All the "Case of Jeannie" were detained 25 people. And let them while no one is going …

Moreover: in addition to accusations of witchcraft they are now charged with the attempted coup!

The fact that one of the characters in the movie is unfortunate Shuaibov bin Saleh. In the Shiite tradition, this warlord, right hand Mahdi. He shall call on the eve of the coming of the Twelfth Imam and lead all Muslims to fight against the infidels. Here, in fact, there is no sedition: the legend is a legend. Horror on the other: the filmmakers really hinted that the current president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has Shuaibov bin Saleh himself.

So, is about to break out war, alive and dead.

Ayatollah Khamenei demanded that the president directly denied the accusations and has gone on record to say: no I'm not the right hand of Mahdi, a mere mortal, though, and the second person in the state.

But Ahmadinejad has refused! Maybe he really feels bin Saleh?

Parliament began collecting signatures for the impeachment of the president. And ordinary Iranians meanwhile wondering what awaits them in the future. If the truth is on the side of the president, it means that the phenomenon of the Mahdi, end of the world and the Last Judgment in the offing. Well, if the rights of the Ayatollah, then leaves, the second person in the state — a sorcerer and magician jinn. Extremely undesirable for the leader of any civilized state, and theocratic — especially …

I'm not a witch!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — is not the only modern politician, accused of witchcraft. In November 2010, Christine O'Donnell — a candidate for the U.S. Senate — also had to prove that it is not a camel, or rather, not a witch.

In a Republican had every chance to go to the Senate from Delaware. Also support it and the party "Tea Party." An attractive single woman — a fanatical opponent of abortion and masturbation — advocated lower taxes and a return to true American values. At first, she defeated her opponent Democrat, but later appeared on the Internet roller 11 years ago, in which Christine spoke of his passion for magic, "Sabbath — it is very interesting. One day me and my friends went to the movies, and then at midnight picnic on a satanic altar. " The door to the Senate slammed shut in the face of Christine. She had to justify himself: "I am not a witch. I never participated in the Sabbath. We are all imperfect and make mistakes in his youth. " Did not help. Well still not sent to the stake.

If desired, the relationship with the other world to blame anyone. Take the same Barack Obama. During the presidential election, he made no secret that he hoped to win, including through charms. And hopes are pinned on a silver chain with two medallions: one of them was a picture of the Virgin Mary with the baby, and the other — Jesus. In addition, he did not part with the stone on which was engraved the Christian cross, carried a picture of Hindu god Hanuman, and an amulet in the form of a bald eagle — the symbol of the United States. And he won!

Natalia Kuvshinova

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