Communication with the dead or fiction? (+ Audio)


Russian scientists have uncovered the fatal MYSTERY DEATH A330 of Air France, taking the signal from the user, who is no longer alive.

Computer underwater acoustics, the captain of the second rank in retirement Vadim Svitneva recorded words:


That was the message from the other world, and it is not mysticism — a fact.

The fact that until recently seemed impossible a reality. Contact with the other world with the help of technical means already successfully go to Russia. Inventors have managed to create a unique experimental models of equipment that allows to get in touch with those who left the earthly life into eternity.

In the archives of the Russian Association of instrumental ITC (RAITK), headed by Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Artem Mikheev, there are thousands of sound files showing the radio contact with the world beyond the grave. The most recent of them — write the answers on the fate of the missing over the Atlantic ocean liner. They received a Ph.D. Vadim Svitnev in the past — Navy officer, a specialist in underwater acoustics.


Questions about the fate of the disappeared over the Atlantic Airbus scientists asked contactee from another world in the presence of the author of these lines. This experience was not the first — first, in 2004, Artem Mikheev using instrumental ITC first solved the mystery of the death of two suicide bombers detonated Russian passenger airliners. Immediately after the tragedy of the electronic vote, adopted by Russian scientists designed the device to communicate with the other world, said two distinct words: "There was a terrorist."

After the death of a French airliner, remembering the experience of five years ago, Mikheev and his colleagues tried in the presence of a journalist to get in touch with the other world and get answers about the causes of the disaster. We recorded a session to have documentary evidence of contact.

The answers to the questions coming literally in the same second. This is amazing — from a set of random sounds, phonemes, embedded in the computer's memory, to put words! The probability of accidental coincidence is almost zero — to make the chaos associated within the meaning of the phrase is much more difficult to guess what all the numbers in the lottery. It's not a one-off match. It's not even just the flow of information, this is a concrete answer to our main question: "What was the cause of the accident?"

Expelling entry through special filters, Vadim Svitnev cleansed them from outside noise.

Here's what we heard:

1. "Air tragedy."

2. "There is a crime."

3. "There was a box."

4. "In the Atlantic unmitigated disaster, everything burned, living here bombers are immortal."

5. "We are seeing a crime, the box was in the case of some …".

6. "The French, we are witnessing a crime!".

Specialists in aviation security, we literally told this information, are inclined to believe that the board had a blast. And admit that his cause may be associated with criminal intent — suddenly on board the ship was a man, someone who really wanted to eliminate? The explosion planted mines could break the plane in the air.


— Our project aims to create a well-functioning instrument channel of communication with the other world with the possibility of addressing — says Artem Mikheev. — You will be able to communicate with a specific person, even a long-gone …

According to the scientist, he and his colleagues have discovered an exciting phenomenon associated with exposure to the "other side" (as they call the underworld) to the sound card and the computer's processor. When passing therethrough phonemes (this elementary components of human speech), followed by a special treatment comes back.

Mikheyev and his supporters hope to develop a mobile technology device that would give high quality communication with the other world.

— We want to make sure that ITC tool has become available to everyone — says Artem Mikheev. — To all were convinced that death — only a transition to a different state. To the people disappeared fear of death. Everyone to know that their loved ones are really gone to another world, leaving only his body here …


The search for technical devices that could provide a link to the "other world", have been conducted for over a hundred years — "the voices of the spirits" mediums tried to record more with the phonograph. Even the brilliant inventor Thomas Edison in 1933, working on a device that would allow a person to establish contact with the dead. He failed, but in 1959, the event has helped Swede Friedrich Jurgenson's voice on a tape recorder to record his dead mother. He was walking through the woods, recording bird songs. And listening to the tape, he heard his mother's voice, calling him by name. Jurgenson subsequently recorded hundreds of paranormal voices and published the book "radio contact with the dead." Latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive, having read it, found it all a fantasy, but decided to repeat the experiments. And he was shocked when it turned out to be true! Raudive a catalog of tens of thousands of votes.

In the seventies, the American researcher George Meek invented "Spirikom", a device that was supposed to make contact with another world. Reports came in, but a full-fledged bilateral dialogue failed. A quarter-century ago, German engineer Hans Otto Koenig came up with "telegenerator" to produce images of the departed from this world. A widely used method of "isolating" the sounds of "white noise" — the chaotic sounds, the spectral components which are uniformly distributed over a range of frequencies involved. Name from the white light with a frequency of electromagnetic waves in the visible range of the electromagnetic radiation.

The experiments were going on around the world, contact with "the next world" is conducted with the aid of computers, but in each case at the sessions was to attend a psychic medium. Without it, the "human factor" link is not working.

In 2004, Professor Cardoso together with colleagues from the University of Naples, after a series of experiments has officially recognized the phenomenon of "electronic voice." Now came the Russians. Artem Mikheev and his colleagues have developed a functional diagram transkommunikatsionnogo device providing stable communication channel.

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