Competitiveness has forced the developer to speed up the creation of Boomerang

"Military-industrial company" is already in 2013 gather the first two models of armored personnel carriers on the basis of a promising platform "Boomerang. "This is the newspaper" Izvestia "spokesman Sergei Suvorov military-industrial complex. Earlier it was reported that the newcomer will be created exclusively technique in 2015. Russian developer has decided to accelerate the pace of creation of" Boomerang "after the Ministry of Defence RF bought for testing several Finnish Patria and Italian armored vehicles and Centauro.

According to Suvorov collected layouts 2013 on display to the general public will not, they will be shown only to the customer. Immediately the machine will pass a series of tests. According to the newspaper, fear MIC fully justified. Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces refused to buy Russian armored cars "Tiger", also produced by the MIC, in favor of the Italian armored vehicles Iveco LMV M60 Lynx, received in the armies of the designation "Lynx". The military wants to buy 1775 "Lynx".

The fact that the first samples of "Boomerang" will appear in the 2013 year, in July of this year, told the CEO of MIC Dmitry Galkin. Yet, the premise of the postponement of the development for the last time, he did not call.

"Boomerang"Will be a new family of armored vehicles, fundamentally different from the ordinary to the Soviet Union and RF BTR-80 and BTR-90. Brand new platform will wheel formula 8×8. At its base is planned to produce languid wheeled tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and anti-aircraft missile systems. Amphibious capabilities will only light and medium modifications of "Boomerang". Output for assault on a brand new armored vehicle will be placed in the rear.

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