Complex Redoubt — the pride of Russian designers

"Redoubt" is an anti-aircraft missile complex, having a vertical launch missile launchers. For the first time information about the SAM appeared in 1997. Then there was an assumption that "Redoubt" is a lightweight option SAM "Rif Fort." At that moment there was no samples that could be presented to the general public — although SAM "Redoubt" and was approved in 1994, at the time the development was only at the stage of conceptual design. All developments were carried out only design bureau Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". Fighting ability, as part of the "Redoubt" is very close to the SAM defense "Knight". The first step is testing the ROC "polyment-Redoute-R" was held in 2009 and ended in success, which gave him a chance on the future development and improvement.

Complex "Redoubt" - the pride of local designers

Setting the vertical launch air defense system "Redoubt" — 3 modules of 4 cells — by TFR pr.20380 "savvy", launched on 31.03.2010, photo TFR in outfitting the wall, October 2010

SAM "Redoubt" to equip the radar system "polyment" with a four phased arrays, which significantly increases the possibility of falling rockets, even in the criteria of a massive electronic countermeasures. Immediately can fire up to sixteen purposes, making active complex truly a unique asset for at least some armies in the world.

Rockets have a special installations designed to run vertically, that consist of four or eight same cells. One cell holds a single missile or medium-range. Also, it can accommodate four types of short-range missiles 9M100. Through the use of a "cold" start with missile launch, significantly reduced the risk of severe injury by people who were around the complex case. In addition, the introduction of this technology will markedly increase the service life of air defense system "redoubt." In a "cold" start in the first seconds of flight is not used rigid fuel, as most rockets, and just charge of compressed air. Specifically, they rocket thrown up to a height of 30 meters. In the right side, she turns after the start, thanks to gas-dynamic system. In addition, the gas-dynamic system allows the rocket to move in the mode of super-maneuverability. So makarom just 0.025 seconds overload missile could be 20g!

Intermediate-and long-range use of the inertial-guidance team in the first seconds of the flight and radar homing after approaching the target. 9M100 missiles hit targets at close range, because equipped with infrared homing. The purpose of specifically captured after starting.

Complex "Redoubt" - the pride of local designers

As demonstrated by the results of computer simulations and field tests of long-and medium-range (9M96E and 9M96E2) tactical missile capable of hitting with a probability of 0.7. In the other 30 percent of the deviation is very small — just a few meters only. So Makar, the goal in any case will be affected. When firing on the aircraft rocket fall with a probability of 80 per cent, while shooting at the helicopter — 90 percent.

Controlled field destruction warhead, whose mass is 24 kg, provided multipoint initiation.
Though what person, even far from the army, it becomes clear what exactly these SAMs can significantly increase complex defensive weapons at least some ship on which they are installed.

How unfortunate it did not sound at all now work on the creation of this complex are carried out with a severe backlog of approved schedules. The NGO "Almaz-Antey" complained that the main prerequisite for this lag is the shortage of highly skilled engineers. Much of the design offices of NGOs simply are not staffed spices.

Vtochnosti same prepyadstviya appeared with the creation of a marine 9M96, which should make the role of the main gun air defense system "redoubt."

Specialists say that now in the NGO "Almaz-Antey" comes a lot of young professionals. The reason for this is the substantial increase in wages, and partial re-labs with new equipment. How unfortunate it did not sound, even in such a situation in order to equip all engineering offices in handy at least two to three years, even with the trend.

In general, analysts believe that both of these times will be 2-3 years is enough to complete all the tests SAM "polyment-Redoute."

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