Computer programm Land Warrior on military service

A computer program "Land Warrior" on military serviceIn the early 90's, virtually all countries of the world have begun to introduce new computer technology to the management of armies. The main purpose of these deployments was to increase battle effectiveness of the armed forces, not only in terms of technology, and to strengthen the role of infantry on the battlefield. With the use of computer technology have increased the viability of infantry, mobility and destructive force. More popular programm "Land Warrior", which in 2000 for the first time has been tested in the U.S. Army. According to the views of the developers, the main goal is to become the highest applets control of the situation and timely information about all configuration on the battlefield, which will allow the infantryman right to use the current stop and make the right decisions.

The system of "Land Warrior" includes the ability to display digital maps, images and other disk imaging through established for thermal weapon sights TWS. The set of military equipment comes camera, screen, automatic M4 rifle with a sight TWS. Very useful for the recognition of a fighter in additional capacity applets, such as the ability to transmit not only voice messages, and data transfer, laser distance meter, compass computer.

The introduction of computer technology makes it possible to fight the different criteria in the weather, and regardless of the line of sight of the enemy, a fighter can do the combat puzzle, with all the necessary information about the presence of the enemy and his weapons. The battlefield is a model of a complex computer game in real time and with real characters. Unit commanders can look after their staff and to coordinate their movements and to give instructions depending on the course of the battle.

Tests have shown tremendous benefit programs from a fighter with equipment "Land Warrior" over ordinary infantrymen. Results of fire training showed the highest level of aimed fire and the highest percentage of hits on target.

At present, the implementation of programs from "Land Warrior" is suspended, it is due to the discovery of a huge number of shortcomings in the work of applets. One of the major drawbacks was a little speed when updating maps and general slowness applets. The introduction of the huge amount of equipment has led to an increase in the weight of equipment and infantry respectively of exercise on the human body. Large prirekaniya also caused a short service life of devices and device components, and in particular Accum.

Taking into account all the shortcomings, "Land Warrior" was the impetus for the development of computer systems for growth battle opportunities troops who are key players in the fight. A lot of companies have shown interest in the development and implementation of new technologies in the military. On a commercial basis under way to develop improved systems of engagement based on the new computer research. Namely, a tablet computer should come to replace the weary and not always convenient detail and devices "Land Warrior", which were used in the initial version.

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