Concentration camp Ozarichi

Nina Andreeva was three years old when, in the Belarusian countryside Kopki broke the Germans. In the hands of her mother — six babies two son and four daughters.

Elder Vladimir has taken to Germany. My mother with the children at first lived in his own house. When there was nothing to go around the world, from village to village. Nina Andreeva does not remember how they were among the tremendous swamps, where got a huge number of people. Who sits who is who help is not required. Restless, wandering lonely little kids.

This is — concentration camp "Ozarichi" open marshy area surrounded with Stitching wire, approaches which are mined. In March 1944, the commander of the Ninth Army, General Hartz tank troops ordered to do at the front edge of the German defense three concentration camps. One of them was located in a swamp near the village of Dert, the second — to 2-km north-west of the town Ozarichi, the third — in the village of Podosinnikov in a swamp. These three camps in which contained about 50,000 Russian people, and received the title of "Ozarichsky camp of death. "

No buildings were not here, no tents or huts. The prisoners in the winter and summer were lying on the ground because firewood for litter were not allowed to take. Shoot the guard at least some who have tried to build a fire and warm up. From time to time the Germans were driving up the frozen bread and tossed through fencing in humans. Mother, Lidia, gave the children on tiny pieces to keep bread longer …

Killed his mother and sister Claudia, without waiting for the release of Russian troops. Ozarichskih prisoners freed 65th Army Gen. baht. Oh, so he remembered about it in his book "In the campaigns and battles": "On the right flank the enemy did not solve more action. But there raged another enemy — typhus. Scouts have informed the Divisional Commander that in districts in the swamp, they beheld the camp: Stitching wire for her in the cold, with no shelter — the ladies, boys, old men. The division commander, Ushakov sent several units to fight off the suffering people, until they have done some shooting Nazis. But the German High Command gave the order to kill the prisoners. It is expected of the other. Russian soldiers rush to the freezing ladies, hug children, and then crawl into the ranks of the advancing Russian troops typhus louse … All driven into camps near the front edge of people have been infected with typhus. Nazi concentration camp atrocities "Ozarichi" is not unprecedented in the number of Russian atrocities against the civilian population of the world population as a whole. Here occupiers applied bio weapon — an epidemic of typhus. "

After the release of prisoners and the disease has spread to the fighter of the 19th Corps, which took an active part in the rescue of prisoners. Typhus was also hit, and the inhabitants of villages Fri, stationed in public hospitals. In the village there is an old Novosyolki mass grave in which are buried 230 soldiers. As they say the old-timers, most of the soldier died of typhus.

Russian child next to murdered mother. Concentration camp for the civilian population "Ozarichi." Belarus, a place Ozarichi Domanovichskogo district Polesskaya Region (March 1944)

Horrible picture represented the liberated concentration camp prisoners themselves. Member of the Government of Belarus Grekova, returning from a concentration camp, testified: "All the kids were evacuated. There are about 100 patients ladies. You can not imagine the nightmare. Stitching wire in the swamp. Around mines. People delirious, with a temperature of 40 degrees on the frozen ground … "

Specifically picture frozen earth recall Nina Petrovna: mother sits on her lap and kids, trying to save them from certain death …

Survivors, adults and kids, the men were carrying twisted into a coat or blanket, banished to quarantine, then on the hospital. Nina grew up in a children's home city of Brest, where she lived for 10 years. And after the war, her life was not easy. The best gift for orphans — the bread and sugar. "One day — a bitter grin recalled Nina — we rebelled because instead of lovers and all the usual" pads "we were given a box of marshmallows."

In the middle 50's it in the direction of the orphanage came to Magnitogorsk, graduated from the School of garment workers. '34 Later worked at the Magnitogorsk garment factory, was the master, got married and raised a son.

Twice Nina visited the site of the terrible concentration camps. Now there is a monument of the 3 steles on which are carved the names of ladies, kids, old people. On the pedestal — wreaths and flowers are alive in the memory of the 9 tyschah prisoners remain forever in the "Ozarichi."

PS In Germany, there is a debate on the dilemma of how the Wehrmacht was involved in the sins of the Nazis. Ozarichi in this regard is important that the operation is absolutely on the conscience of the Wehrmacht did not participate in the special unit SS. In this case, the German generals in most of the left's own responsibility. Most of the numbers of those who planned the operation in Ozarichi, after the war, lived quietly in West Germany. There were instances that some of them even taught in school. In the German youth, this is a shock.

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