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In the near future, "Izhmash" is surrounded by a huge amount of news, not always with a plus sign. Since mid-October, the plant went into the center of the information war, which for the most part has been deployed in the Udmurt media priklnnyh Republican administration. It all started with a "rally" which Tipo spent on areas of the plant workers of the 1st Workshop of disgruntled own wages. The prosecutor's office later in the SD of the check has denied the fact of the rally, and low pay workers in the shop has been associated with the failure of the plans and the poor quality of the manufactured products. On the news about the "plight" position in the enterprise, the future competition for the post of Director General of the home is the news of the development on the basis of "Izhmash" and "Izhmeha" group combined brand of "Kalashnikov". With such a positive assessment of the project has already made Mikhail Kalashnikov, Dmitri Rogozin and Vladimir Putin.

On the proposal of the business combination "Izhmash" and "Izhmeh" a concern "Kalashnikov" as part of the state corporation "Russian Technologies" Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in Mon 19 November, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dmitry Rogozin said that, in his view, to do a very important step from the standpoint of industrial concentration of effort which would be similar to what has been undertaken with the signing of the decree on the development of the company "Tactical Missiles". Then the government has concentrated in one place mental, industrial, poster potential in such a fundamental direction for the Army, as the development and production of combat cruise missiles, said Rogozin.

At the moment, the same question about one of the most difficult sectors of the industry today, in which we work in everyday mode, this rifle and ammunition, said the vice-president of the Government. Dmitry Rogozin recalled that one of the more principled companies in this industry are Izhevsk factory "Izhmash" and "Izhmeh." Noting that both companies are "complex" because long years have orders from the Defense Ministry. This is due to the fact that in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defence has already accumulated an excess amount of automatic weapons. With all this companies are trying to adapt to modern conditions and actively develop segments of hunting, civilian and sporting guns.

In order to concentrate all efforts and, most importantly, keep the design capability in the capital of Udmurtia, Rogozin suggested in the framework of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" to a new concern with a common brand name "Kalashnikov". Deputy Prime Minister appealed for help to the head of the country in order to gain support to bring together industry under this kind of corporation. On the way out, Dmitry Rogozin, expects to receive modern Russian rifle factory specializing in serial production. Vladimir Putin has approved a similar initiative Rogozin, adding that the result of such association shall be to improve the situation in this area, and not its deterioration. The president also recalled that the implementation of such decisions appears a lot of questions of public character, who will need to pay close attention.

In turn, President Vladimir Putin called for more active work on the issue of protection of authors' rights Russian arms companies. These tests, according to Putin, is constantly being made, but to act in this direction to turn over. In response, Dmitry Rogozin complained that while working ambassador to NATO in Brussels, he often gave his attention to quite unique, if not barbaric attitude to those brands, which now belong to Russia. And it is a question of replicating the Russian automatic weapons and other systems: the neglect of our copyright and without the demand of. With all this Rogozin pointed out that our country is ready to start a decisive struggle for the protection of the rights of Russian WMD's in the international market.

Found the president and the next instruction to Deputy Prime Minister — complete with the economic bloc of the government complex of works on the formation of the general principles of pricing in the municipal defense order. Vladimir Putin said that in the current time of discussions on this matter quite a lot, a lot of problems as well as common principles and decisions on the matter yet. According to him, Rogozin, in real time, this situation is in manual mode, but there is reason to believe that in the coming time, before the end of 2012, the Russian State Duma and the Federation Council will accept the Federal Law "On the state defense order." This law implies an even greater maneuver and for the artist and for the customer to choose a more appropriate municipal agreement that takes into account features of the products: the more conventional and technically complex.

Vorachivayas to the subject of unification Izhevsk arms factory under the brand name "Kalashnikov", you can note, that Dmitry Rogozin, read more about it first of November. This idea came from him, after he visited Moscow suburb known defense enterprise TsNIITochmash. Then he said that with all due respect and Izhmeh Izhmash — is not brands, while the "Kalashnikov" — a global brand. Dmitry Rogozin also said that at the present time the production capacity of 2 of these companies Udmurt underutilized, sometimes the problem occurs in enterprises with financing, there is a shortage of personnel. With all this and the "Izhmash", and "Izhmeh" release similar products.

Later on November 11 Dmitry Rogozin in his own microblog Twitter has left a record of the fact that the famous arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov gave consent to the introduction of his name in the title of concern, made on the basis of 2-Izhevsk plant. Also the vice-premier noted that he personally congratulated Misha Kalashnikov with its 93 th anniversary on the phone, in the phone conversation Kalashnikov supported the idea of the development group under the name "Kalashnikov". Rogozin is confident that under this flag in Izhevsk will fully revive the creation of modern infantry weapons, which on its own reliability and efficiency will outshine the modern western standards.

Almost after a number of days in the pages of the newspaper "Izvestia" published an article in which it was reported that Misha Kalashnikov sent a letter to the address of President of the Russian Federation, in which apart from the rest of the union supported the idea, asking for all this to protect its name from a variety of speculation, that in the near future obviously increased. In a letter to the famous designer praised the state corporation "Russian Technologies" for the salvation of "Izhmash" (reform and anti-crisis measures at the plant began in 2011). According to Misha Kalashnikov reorganized into JSC "NPO" Izhmash "group of companies rather quickly paid off its debts to its workers, expanded the scope of supply and zabugornyh been able to raise workers' wages. In the letter he said that he would be honored if the combined holding will bear his name. Kalashnikov expressed confidence that the new concern may be the personification of the power of Russian guns.

Izhmash has transferred the function of bankruptcy in April 2012. For the world-famous enterprise was the only chance to survive in the current criteria. When in 2010 the company appeare
d representatives of crisis management, he sent out "Russian Technologies", debentures Izhevsk plant were estimated at 13.7 billion. rubles, and many workers have not received their salaries for months.

At that moment alone on repaying debts in case the company planned to subsidize izderzhat 7.5 billion. rubles, but crisis management company went further and dared to carry out procedures for the technical bankruptcy. Once the assets of "Izhmash" were reclassified, the company managed to increment its revenue immediately by 40% compared with 2010. Furthermore, enterprise failed to conclude a new agreement for the supply of rifles "Saiga" in the United States, where a given tool was honored with a very large estimates of local police. The volume of shipments of products to the states for the year rose immediately in the half. As a result of all the measures taken by the company managed a 70% load high-tech equipment, previously idle.

According to the press service of disk imaging company "Izhmash" for 8 months of 2012 "Izhmash" produced in small guns, 11% more than for the full year 2011. At the end of 2012, the growth of small weapons in compliance plans should reach 56%. With all of this venture, however, paid off debts, and product markets have been expanded. At present, the products of "Izhmash" is available in 27 countries, including the United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Canada, Norway, Thailand and Kazakhstan.

At the current time, the main shareholder of the enterprise is the Izhevsk State Corporation "Russian Technologies". NGO "Izhmash" working on creating a wide range of plain and specialty products: Kalashnikovs and Nikonov, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, submachine guns, aircraft gun, guided artillery complexes, facilities repair and maintenance of guided weapons, as special tools and serial and machines.

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