Concern Tractor plants — BMP-3M and BMD-4M

Of particular interest in the near future is given to products of so-called dual-use. At the last illumine first exhibition of modern weapons in Nizhny Tagil Machine-Building-industrial "Concern" Tractor plants "has shown the ability to share their own supply of special products, and their potential in the manufacture of dual-purpose. Concern presented to the tribunal viewers airborne combat vehicles ("BMD-4M") and upgraded armored infantry fighting vehicles ("BMP-3M"), also for the tank "T-90S" complex dynamic protection. The exhibition also showcased their design for armored vehicles and personal protection. Sergei Kizyun, division manager of special products and dual-purpose, said "Russian Arms" about the latest cutting-edge developments Concern.

Sergei Kizyun knows that to day "Concern" Tractor Plants "provides a more in demand in Russia products in this area. "There is such a thing -" the people of Russia. " And specifically to these people we wish to report that knowingly waving spoons and eat bread and butter, and sometimes we have days of the weekend. We all have proved that the corporation in the state on its own initiative to develop military equipment. That's us and presented "BMD-4M", which was created on the initiative of our concern for the inverse funds by order of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. "

"BMD-4M" — the car a high level of technical and combat features. Its firepower is also quite high — 100-mm cannon with a launcher, 30-mm automatic cannon and small arms. As to whether the "BMD-4M" put into service or not, sir Kizyun said: "Machine truly inimitable, it is unique in the world. We have the ability of its adopting a while we can not say anything. The final word on this matter rests with the Ministry of Defence. It puts before us certain tasks across the face of technology. The Army is doing its combat tasks. The jobs that are put before us the Ministry of Defence, we have carried out in full. That order, and then fabricate. "

Next S.Kizyun singled out: "Great result, which was obtained with the development of the "BMD-4M", is also winning the Russian Defense Ministry. " The first time, the Ministry has set strict requirements for ergonomics of the machine. "It is because of these requirements, and we have made a car in which a person comfortable and comfortable — it makes it a whole does not lose combat capability and not get tired, moving in it. Second requirement that the Defense Ministry was pushing aggressively to "BMD-4M", we also successfully came to do — it's endurance and protection. This is exactly the same trends that we have been able to enter in the "BMP-3" — highlighted the sovereign Kizyun. Now "BMD-4M" in terms of safety, "BMP-3M" is not inferior.

A representative of Concern noted that "BMD-4M" highly interested in the conduct of "Rosoboronexport", "company CEO Anatoly Isaykin painstakingly scanned both our cars, and, in general, the work done by Concern was satisfied."

This machine as a source of new technical solutions and technologies are very seriously interested delegations of India and several other countries, including Finland and the Army.

Sergei Kizyun noted that at this point has become a natural fact that the industrial complex of the country is represented by different companies. And the development of the formation of the industrial sector of the Russian Federation — is the object of responsibility not only of the country, and the companies that need to not only learn how to exist in the new market criteria, and take the benchmark to perform the tasks for which they were managing the country. "There is a view of the subsequent: the management of the country we said, need protection and ergonomics. And we produced, "- he singled out. In addition, the technique has to conquer the new elite. You can not harass another important nuance — modernization and the latest technology. "There is in this, and are the main tasks of" Concern "Tractor Plants", which our concern try to really embody. Despite all the difficulties. The crisis threw us all back. But now we and our partners will try to fulfill the assigned tasks, it is concentrating its own resources. "

"We made a report based on what we produce. Showed technologies that are being developed in our research institutes. Certainly — it's our Russian know-how and development. We have to, of course, proud of. What's all the same for the so-called "obsolete" technology, the Group's management asked to look for ways to modernize it. That's why, if the technique is exploited in the Armed Forces of 15-30 years, it should not exist in the form of a "frozen" in their own development. Year after year, it should get better and better, updated and modernized. Specifically, it was shown in swatches of our machines, where the core values of their modernization are safe, high firepower, maneuverability and ergonomics ", — assured S.Kizyun.

It must be emphasized that the premiere of the tank "T-90" is not without roles Institute of Steel which comes in DSiPDN "Concern" Tractor plants ". The new tank has its own arsenal of dynamic protection modular "Relic". She firmly protects the machine from all the advanced and promising anti-tank guns. There were presented the developments Institute of Steel and swatches armored "Ural" — prototype armored vehicles, which are better known as "Typhoon", a self-propelled howitzer "MSTA-S" is equipped with an upgraded set of camouflage "Shroud."

Well, all of this — "BMP-3M", "BMD-4M" Tank "T-90S" and almost everything else — during the show has been demonstrated in action. All armored vehicles at a high level, has shown the way and fighting characteristics of the weapon from the scene, during the march, from the water. Proponents of this type of technology was in ecstasy.

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