Constantine Sivkov: NATO missile defense system — only against Russia

This week in Brussels will host a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, which will open a discussion nedavneshnee statement of the President RF Dmitry Medvedev on missile defense. His position on this dilemma, especially for the "Kommersant" expressed NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Noting that "from the first day or your own tenure as Secretary General of NATO," he "made it clear that cooperation with Russia is of strategic importance," Rasmussen said that the expansion of NATO missile defense system is connected only to a "serious and growing threat of missile attack." "More than 30 countries are developing advanced missile technology. Some already possess ballistic missiles that can be equipped ordinary warhead or weapon of mass destruction. A number of our cities is in range of their actions. To confront the real threats require real means of defense. That is why at the summit in Lisbon NATO agreed to develop missile defense capability to protect their population, area and troops. This remains our position today. We owe it to our people — to protect them. This fundamental purpose of the alliance ", — said the secretary general of NATO.

For all this, he saw, "we can take a different danger at the moment, but our home is also possible would be in danger of attack from ballistic missiles." Because, according to Rasmussen, "it makes sense for us to cooperate in defense and made two separate systems, the purpose of which will have one." "This will demonstrate once and for all that we can build security together, not one against other "- he singled out.

"NATO always be open and full transparency. We have identified the right that our missile defense system is not aimed against Russia and will not change the strategic balance of forces. It is designed to protect European NATO states against threats arising from outside Europe — is a defensive system, "- he said.

The Secretary General of NATO, the Alliance put forward three practical proposals to remove the Russian concern: "We have offered transparency on missile defense programs when necessary means of exchanges in the NATO-Russia Council, which is a forum for political dialogue on all issues, and we have sent an invitation to attend Russian spice and consider tests missile defense system. In-2, we have offered to host the 2012 Russia-joint exercisesNATO TMD. And, in-3, we have offered to do two joint missile defense center — one for data, the other — to assist in the planning. These proposals they say that we are serious about cooperation with Russia. " "When in 1997, NATO and our homeland of Russia signed the Founding Act, NATO, we have agreed to refrain from the danger of the introduction or the use of force against each other. So the guarantee is more than a decade. And it is best to develop them by working together, "- added the Secretary General of NATO.

With all of this said Rasmussen, "some of the expressions nedavneshnih President Medvedev on the missile defense system suggests a fundamentally incorrect comprehension of the system. As a result, Russia is talking to deploy missiles in the areas adjacent to the alliance. Such expressions reflect the rhetoric of the past nor consistent with the strategic relationship, which NATO Our homeland and agreed to strive for. But I am glad that President Medvedev has not closed the door to the forthcoming dialogue with NATO on missile defense. We will continue this dialogue with Russia — NATO does not close the door. " "In the XXI century confrontation — it's not a choice. The only real choice — cooperation ", — he concluded.

NATO Secretary General commented expressions we asked the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkova.

"If the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev rhetoric in the spirit of" cool war ", that the emperor Rasmussen and NATO are already act. If the President of the Russian Federation until only warns NATO on the inadmissibility of similar actions, NATO is committing certain acts detrimental to the RF, deploying on its border defense system.

NATO system Missile armed with means of destruction and detection of ballistic missiles launched from the territory of Russia and adjacent regions, ensures destruction of operational-tactical and tactical missiles, hovering at a speed of 3-4 km / s. In other words, it's missiles, which have a range, not exceeding 500 km. And within that distance around Europe there is not the 1st of the country, except Russia, which could pose a danger to the Allied States. So Makar, we can say the usual fact that system ABM is deployed not against Iran or some other country, and specifically against Of, as there are no other countries within range of its missiles do not exist. In the unlikely event must state that the system is protected from themselves as European NATO nations, and it is nonsense.

In addition, in the area deployed station horizon detection, namely in Poland, which are capable of detecting ballistic missile launches from the territory of Russia. In these same areas meant deployment of Ground-based Interceptor (GBI) — ground-based interceptors. 10 such missiles are currently in Poland. Range of interception would be about 5000 km. The implication is that these funds will be able to hit ICBMs at this distance. But tactical missiles or medium-range missile interceptors to intercept the system fail, because the active site, where they can destroy warheads and missiles in operational-tactical missiles is very small, as the time for their flight. But to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles system completely fails. So Makarov, one could argue that the system GBI in Poland also aimed against Russia. Since no other missiles within range of NATO is not, and in the coming half a century will not be including in Iran.

Further, it can be stated that NATO and the United States first deployed on the same basis in the north and the Black Sea basin groupings of ships capable of solving puzzles to counter ballistic missiles and equipped Standard-3 interceptor missiles. In these areas, no ballistic, much less intercontinental missiles, apart from Russian, and no. Within the boundaries of the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea are areas of strategic patrol the Russian Northern Fleet and the Black Sea, not counting the positions where placed Russian tactical missiles, too, no missiles there.

So Makarov, one could argue that the NATO missile defense system on its tactical data system for deployment, focus on sectors stations missile surveillance, target impartially only and only against Russia. No other states in the area reached by the system, which is currently deployed in Europe simply does not exist. "

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