Constantine Sivkov: Nuclear war has not been canceled

Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces General Nikolai Makarov made in the Public Chamber to get close enough to the loud statements. Specifically, he said he would not rule out coming of large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons. It is believed that nuclear tool as such it is not faster than the danger of a major war, but on the contrary — its containment: After his appearance in the world of global powers for more than half a century does not know of a major war. Can the nuclear war and that meant, Gen. Nikolai Makarov, "Russian folk line" explained to the vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov.

When we speak of the impossibility of introducing nuclear weapons, it is about its massive use, which will lead to irreversible devilish consequences for human civilization. As for nuclear strikes, similar Hiroshima and Nagasaki, then a nuclear war "has not been canceled." Nuclear tool can be used on a limited basis in order to intimidate the enemy, not in possession of a nuclear weapon, and forced him to accept profitable for the aggressor policy decisions. Gen. Makarov meant exactly that variant.

In addition, tactical nuclear tool can be used as criteria when other means to solve the puzzle does not seem likely. The conditions of its implementation already formed. In 1-x, Western civilization is undergoing a profound crisis of civilization, one manifestation of which is the economic crisis. Out of it, or is likely to change in the social system, or the establishment of control over the resources of the Western world.

First way we currently have look. The West is actually the case rocked the pre-revolutionary agitation. The second path can be seen in the attempts to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, which have all recognized failure. Observed sample of establishing profitable political regimes in the Arab world, but it also leads to unpredictable consequences, as there come to power Westerners and Islamists. These criteria west there is nothing for it but application nuclear weapons.

The first object to implement it would be possible to Iran. Daring the elimination of the Iranian nuclear complex with ordinary weapons impossible. Israel and the U.S. do not have the necessary military and strategic base, acting with which they can solve this cottage. It is necessary to overcome the tremendous distance — about two thousand miles. That Israeli aircraft unrealistic. Not the fact that they let through their locality Jordan, and even more so, Syria. In other words, we'll break through a corridor in the air defense system, which would mean not only a war with Iran, but Jordan and Syria that Israel can not afford.

Americans also can not make grouping tactical aircraft with a population of about 500 machines to solve the puzzle with Iran. They can fit 5-6 aircraft carriers, but their air forces to win the war against Iran is also unrealistic (it is well shown by the experience in the situation in Libya.)

In addition, the bulk of Iran's nuclear facilities applets is in secret facilities, because for ordinary weapons they are invulnerable. Because no other way than application tactical nuclear weapons, the West remains. The threat of its introduction is growing dramatically in recent years. That's what he meant the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov.

"Russian People's Line"

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