Constantine Sivkov: Putin is very dangerous for the West

Military expert commented on the rumors in the media to eliminate the Russian premiere of "foreign partners" …

"In this case, Putin is not a person here, and the most powerful company, the largest political force in the range of, which is associated with a term such as" KGB grouping. "In fact it is certainly not" KGB grouping"And the group that owns the tremendous economic potential. This is the highest technology, the military-industrial complex, RAO" Russian Railways "," dry. "This is a society that aims to create a high-tech and construction in Russia of imperial model, which many people associate with known Putin's Munich speech, "- said in an interview with" Russian folk line "Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov commenting circulating in the media version of the definition of the subsequent" Kremlin "candidate for the presidency with the" reaction of the foreign partners of Russia " and "Putin's removal under pressure Biden."

IA REX writes about disk imaging to show in the media that Putin may offer the post of internationality Olympic Committee, that he abandoned the likely nomination of his own candidacy for the presidency in the 2012 elections. IA REX also commented about the fact that "the question of the future employment of Vladimir Putin will become one of Fri agenda during the forthcoming visit of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden in Moscow." Meanwhile, the newspaper writes, a spokesman for Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Peskov jestingly referred to information on the likely employment Fishing season to the IOC.

"To say that Putin at one point left and ripped the case with his own group, it is unreasonable — comments K.Sivkov. — It is associated with it hard. All economic activities which he carried out, brought him some income, which also connects it with the partners. Of course, by the military-industrial groups Putin is a severe impact. Putin is now within this group is almost irreplaceable. We must assume that if he even really want to leave, to do so it will be very difficult, much less go to a neutral zone, as the IOC. "

As noted Sivkov maybe for Putin personally, which weary from long years of mental stress, it would be nice to go to the "cushy, but the status as chairman of the IOC." "But I think that it is no guarantee of personal safety, — the expert believes. — The West has not once rented their own satellites, as, for example, Hussein, Milosevic ".

The second time, according to Sivkova, is that the forces that are behind Putin, his departure could lose their firmness and any control over the political situation and to rapidly destroyed. "They understand this is true, and let care Fishing season also can not "- said Sivkov.

"With this in mind, if such a proposal was, Putin is unlikely to go — he said. — But maybe it's just a dirty duck, which is devoid of harsh bases. I do not think it is natural that Biden would go for it personally. But do not rule out that it is triggered by some political forces in the development, thrust disk imaging in the media in order to track the response of society and the political class. "

"Putin with industrial-strength group and the imperial idea of the West is very unsafe. If our homeland continue as the geopolitical center of power, then, in the criteria of the growing shortage of raw materials, the West could simply fall off. In the Russian Federation has nuclear capability, and it will not get naked hands. Because it can only be killed from the inside, and West doing everything possible to hold to the power of the liberal forces aimed. I can see with the deepest regret that the impact on the current President of the enormous forces. In any case, the actions of the President I see a lot of signs that he is a liberal course. Vladimir Putin also can rip liberal policy and the latest wave of privatization and so prevent the elimination of the economic sovereignty of the Russian Federation, after which it can be controlled even states, and personal commercial banks Rothschild ", — concluded Constantine Sivkov.

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