Constantine Sivkov that is behind a series of corruption scandals involving APEC, CSW and the Ministry of Defense

One after another, appear in the press, corruption scandals. At first, "Oboronservis" Serdyukov, followed by loss of funds of the APEC summit, and now finally got to the GLONASS and PKC, and that Sergei Ivanov throws up his hands and pretends vyznat just about stealing. It may seem that the management of the country is trying to restore order, exposing the corruption schemes trivial.

But, like it or want to believe, it is not. The country began the decisive phase of the struggle of clans and corruption are used to move the 1st person and replace him with a person of another clan.

Who is fighting whom? In Russia, there are two large groups. The first is the industrial power grouping, it contains the former "Reds directors" who seized sverhtehnologichny industries: defense, aviation, gallakticheskuyu branch honey industry, the creation of devices needed for these industries. This clan is interested in a rigid vertical of power and a strong country that will guarantee him the highest income, status, and stable orders. To the same group belongs and Russian bureaucracy, higher and secondary, which has no sovereign of the Russian Federation will not be of the highest positions and status in society. This clan represents and headed Putin.

2nd clan — financial and resource group. These people are associated with the Yeltsin family, through money matters tied to transnational financial and industrial companies, they are kept under the control of raw materials and money RF and are interested, that is raw and perfectly relaxed sell outside. They are also referred to as the pro-Western liberals, which is also very conditional, simply from the fact that their representatives are shaking snow-white ribbons on the street, demanding democracy. Their representatives — is "nemtsovs", "Kasparovs" and "Kasyanov." These people do not want a strong RF, Behold the Russian as a raw material appendage of the West, and it would be quieter, if their business is guarding the South American Marines as a powerful Our homeland it is not safe to feeble as they are masters of the Russian Federation. Because they continue to line Yeltsin which transformed Russia into western appendage, because they are fighting for democracy because power is in the western democracy in Russia will be in their hands, not in the hands of the security services industry.

Between these clans is very harsh antagonism deep. It consists in the following. We live in a northern country, 70% of which is within the area of endless frost. Energy consumption for the creation of products we have twice as high as the average in Europe, because that industrial production was competitive in cost compared with European products, it is necessary to limit or wages, or reduce the price of raw materials in the domestic market. Because our sverhtehnologichny industry is interested in a cheap raw material in the domestic market, and that means to take financial and commodity comrades for trunk and force to "own" trade cheaper. At times, Putin does, using the FAS. Financial and resource clan, on the contrary, is interested in the fact that it does not interfere sit on the tube, and it is best, that sverhtehnologichny industry we did not have, in principle, that is, realize, in the end, what Yeltsin and others, to spare no effort involved.

So, for the moment, this struggle has entered the acute phase began hassle for the main office and profitable place. Go, as they say war, capture the commanding heights on the bureaucratic field. And we look first victim. Here fell Serdyukov. Pal, as has long been over to the Liberal Democrat group. This is manifested in the fact that he began to destroy the army, began to buy foreign equipment, dealing directly hit by high-tech sector, which made went into a clinch with Rogozin hard and lost. It could take softly, neatly. But fight entered into a tough phase, and therefore fall was tough. There will be nothing unusual about this story is complete if available.

Of course, right behind Serdyukov had to strike, and other elements. For example, for people who are in the "Russian gallakticheskih systems", working on the West, lobbied for the introduction of Western devices for our systems, instead of, for example, the Belarusian devices that are much safer and more modern Western. Then he went on strike and the Ministry of Regional Development, now, perhaps, with the dismantling of the Sochi project is about to give birth.

Apparently, Ivanov remains in place, just from now on will be different set of subordinates. We need to realize that even if you are the boss of the 1st clan, it does not mean for you to can not land a deputy representative of the other groups and in order to remove it, will make a great scandal that in a system of Putin's bureaucracy is a matter unworthy .

Where to swim billion, all, of course, understandable, especially in well aware of the FSB and the Interior Ministry in the respective management. But there is an answer to the question of where did the billions of dollars Vekselberg, Abramovich and other Doronin. And no action. In fact, just do not have the political situation as it was, say, with Khodorkovsky, who was crushed at once and kept in the bullpen so far. Is our other oligarchs honest Khodorkovsky? Of course not. By the way, if I immediately went on the attack and our oligarchs, could indeed recognize that there is a struggle against corruption. But at the moment we are looking only process in which the fight against corruption is only a tool of struggle of clans.

But even this is great! One can only be glad that at least some part of the scoundrels will sit away from power.

But do not be too aware of, and that the promises of Russia itself, this struggle? So, if overpowered industrial power faction in Russia approved power, reminiscent of the tsarist government. Without the king, of course, but with the oligarchic elite that will transmit its power on heritage by castling standard "Putin-Medvedev" new "nobility".

If overcomes the financial and resource peak, it will lead to the fact that here is this "noble" elite will be swept away, but it will be destroyed and our homeland. Instead of oligarchic power tops will sit representatives of international financial clans, led the country will stand puppet regimes, and our homeland to be territory without sovereignty.

As for you, the reader, sweeter?

From the perspective of conservation of the bridgehead on the basis of which after some time it will be possible to change the situation and return Russia to the period of the 40-ies of XX century, when the position requires responsibility, Putin's power is better, the second version of the same — go nuts, there are foreign , the western occupation.

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