Construction of the ideal home

Video on how easy and cheap to own to build a perfect house (which is also called a dome house geodomom, spherical, environmental, etc.).

Of course, this is a very big topic, so it can be open in a small film. Nevertheless, I tried to be brief and mainly focus your attention on the fact that it is a way of building — the best. And these are the home — is home of the future, which is not only very efficient in terms of heat saving, investment, labor and time, but they also work better than the pyramids in terms of contact with the cosmic energy and the energy of the Earth. Also in the video, I gave the information as easily transfer home to complete independence from the system. Ie living in a house you can literally do without energy costs for hot water, food, etc. Not only is this lovely house just to build, so it also makes your life free … as it should be in a real house. You do not feed him, and he you.

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