Contract in the middle of enlisted men by 2017 should be 425 thousand

Number soldiers performing military service under the contract in positions other ranks, to 2017 year should reach 425 thousand, said Tuesday the Deputy Defence Minister Nikolai Pankov at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security.

"We've really begun to address tasks for a phased increase in the number of contractors in these positions," — he said.

Defense Ministry spokesman said that the selection of a contract with the value given to citizens, passed conscription being in supplies and having a corresponding level of education and the military profession.

The head of the committee, Viktor Ozerov said that at the current time, the Ministry of Defense, there are 186 thousand contractors, Interior Troops — 65 thousand people, while in 2016 number soldiers serving under contract in the internal troops should reach 96 thousand or 86% of all personnel. In the MOE also number contract is expected to grow from 4 to 7.5 thousand.

"In the power ministry is currently looking for good methods of acquisition, and, in the end, there was no opportunity to recruit and select candidates for military service under the contract," — said the lake.

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