Contractors in the phase filtering. Defense gets rid of human ballast

Competitiveness in the selection of contractors for the army becomes a reality. For the first time in post-Soviet history in the Russian army introduced the so-called test of survival for existing military service military experts. More than 10% of the audited contractors did not want to be tested or health could not be verified.

According to official sources Defense, it is a severe test for the fighter and sergeants who have in the selection process be run by tanks, to make a march of 50 kilometers of cross-country by equipping its forces overnight, spreading fire without matches, mining and filtering the water through the means are at hand, and t . § During the tests found myself meaningful human ballast.

For example, only in the Southern Military Area (SOUTH) was found about a thousand fighter and sergeants who did not pass the test. According to the press service of the Southern Military District, in the course of six weeks of intense training, where they were tested extreme forms of life of military personnel, some of the personnel in the first days of been deselected military medical commissions for health reasons. Others showed no desire to go "survival course", wrote the report with failure. To control Defense this is a very basic and pertinent information, which indicates a certain degree of competence troops because contractors, according to official data, today constitute a significant layer — 18% of the nominal size of the army and navy. According to one of the first decrees of President Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2012, the share of contract this year should be increased by 50 thousand people. In other words, the beginning of 2013 every fourth Forces soldier is an expert. A total fraction of the officers and non-commissioned fighter contract service by that date will be almost 50% of the regular number of the Armed Forces.

While no definite plans military government declares with confidence. Although the economic crisis, apparently, these plans may be adjusted. If military budget of 3.1% of GDP, will be subject to sequestration, then, according to sources from the Ministry of Defence, he first touches the quantitative characteristics of the dial plan in the army of contractors. To replace them in regular cells, of course, already "packed" recruits. One way or another, but this fall of the Mobilization Office (Mobilization) of the General Staff plans to almost double the increment in the number of recruits troops Youth (up to 280 thousand people). This must happen, consider the sources in Goma, due to the growth layer undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in non-municipal accredited universities in the country, also by the likely configuration of legislation (adoption is under consideration in the State Duma a package of amendments to the Law "On Military Duty and Military Service "which have significantly increment in the middle layer of the conscription of young people in the country). "The increase in high-performance fighter and sergeants who do military service under the contract — is fundamental and crucial task Defense. It is very true that troops currently starting to use the experience of Russian army. There are lessons to strengthen the moral and psychological stamina and physical endurance personnel were permanent and were twice year"- Says Lieutenant-General Yuri Netkachev, which in the late 90s as the deputy commander of the Group of Russian Forces in the Transcaucasus in charge of combat training of military personnel. In his view, such a test of survival should be organized not only with contractors and with all the personnel of the Army and Navy, including officers, warrant officers and a fighter on the call. Before that, he said, recruits sent to troops, should undergo baseline in civilian and military training have an military occupation, which should be available at the school DOSAAF.

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