Coordination of military training returned to the central office of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Defense Ministry General Directorate recreated battle training (GUBP), One of the main objectives of which will increase the combat capability of interspecific groupings, told reporters on Mon 1st Deputy Defense Minister Gen.-Colonel Arkady Bahini.

Earlier, the intention of the military department management re-do GUBP which is subordinate to the first deputy defense minister, reported to Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin. GUBP was disbanded in 2010. This solution is then explained the need to transfer the main functions of command and control within the framework of the reform of the Armed Forces (AF) specifically to the General Staff.

"In order to coordinate the activities of the military administration in the comprehensive training of the troops GUBP newly created Armed Forces. This will, first, increase the combat effectiveness of cross-species groupings and improve the existing regulatory framework governing business battle training of the troops, "- identified Bahini.

According to him, GUBP will be joining forces voedinyzhdy services and arms in the interest of increasing the efficiency of the army and navy. "Previously, each of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the corps were there independent and unified coordinating structure as such was not. Now task the creation of such structures is a priority, and be responsible for this area of work entrusted to me" — said Gen..

With all this, he drew attention to the fact that in the framework of the state defense order in troops soon will come a significant number of modern weapons and military equipment (AME). "It's going to require that its military research and development as soon as possible with a view to the forthcoming efficient operation, the use of weapons and military equipment of all abilities in the event of the introduction to the destination" — explained the general.

As Managing GUBP yet vacant. "Candidates for the position currently being considered. We have offers for several candidates, and is currently the Minister of Defense considers them" — said the first deputy head of the department.

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