Corvette Courageous got the gun mounts

Passing the factory running tests corvette "Courageous" was a full-time 20380 100-mm automatic gun mount universal A-190-01 production of the St. Petersburg JSC "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal ", which became the last gun system of this type made in this venture. Setting artillery systems implemented to build a corvette of" Shipyard "Severnaya shipyard"At the end of December 2012. As reported by the web resource, January 22, 2013 corvette"Glib"Under the tugs moved away from the fitting-out quay" Severnaya Verf "and ran to Kronstadt.

After the preliminary activities and obtain the necessary supplies real "Courageous" will move from Kronstadt to the main base of the Baltic Fleet — Baltic and where the next step will be running and after it — municipal testing.

Due to the difficult ice conditions in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea transition corvette naval base in Baltiisk, is expected to be provided by icebreakers. It is possible that in the operation of the wiring "Boyko" through ice fields will accept a role came from the North on January 22 in the Gulf of Finland and who is currently at anchor outside raid St. Petersburg icebreaker "Our homeland".

Corvette "Glib"Came to the factory running tests September 25, 2012 (no fixed gun mount A-190-01) and the fall successfully completed the first step of industrial sea trials have confirmed the reliability of mechanical installation, navigation system, communications equipment, and other systems and devices.

Because of the disruption of the supply of "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal "on schedule artillery unit A-190-01 transfer deadline ship fleet, initially scheduled for the end of last year, has been postponed. Only under the most new year artillery system was delivered to the "North shipyard"And set at ship.

The source said the portal, the planned completion date of each test and transfer ship fleet — the middle of spring.

Corvette "Courageous" (building 1003) — the third ship of Project 20380, built "Severnaya Verf". The head corvette "Guarding" was given the Russian Navy in February 2008, the second — "Savvy" — became part of the Baltic Fleet in October 2011.

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