Corvette Dnieper returned to the Ukrainian Navy

Corvette-"Invisible" "Courageous", the third ship of the project 20380, will proceed to the state tests in March 2013. This was reported in the press release of the Ministry of Defense.

At the moment, the ship arrived in Baltiysk industry to continue running tests. Lately corvette will be released into the sea to check the functionality of all systems and devices. The focus is on the power plant, communications and navigation systems as the ship's weapons.

Previously, it was clear that the adoption of a "lively" for service is delayed due to disruption of supplies 100mm artillery system A-190 "Universal". In addition, it was noted that the artillery system can not meet the stated requirements for rate of fire. The same should get small pieces of artillery artillery ship "Makhachkala" project 21630.

Corvette "Courageous" was founded in 2005 on the "Northern shipyard" and launched on 15 April 2011. Head ship 20380 — "Guarding" — became part of the Baltic Fleet in 2007, and the second ship of the series — "Savvy" — in October 2011. Total planned to build eight corvettes like "Guarding".

With a length of 105 meters corvette project 20380 own displacement 2.2 thousand tons. They can reach speeds of up to 27 knots and climbing up to 7400 km. In addition to gun mount "Universal" corvettes armed with 2 gun mounts AK-630M 30 mm caliber, anti-aircraft missile system "Redoubt" and anti-ship missiles UKSK. On deck corvettes can fit Ka-27PL.

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