Counter-battery radar Zoo-1

"Zoo-1" (the index Grau 1L219M) — RFCs reconnaissance and fire control (counter-battery radar). Radar complex designed for the exploration of indirect fire rocket and artillery of the enemy (mortar positions, artillery positions, positions MLRS, launchers, tactical missiles and air defense systems). "Zoo-1" makes the calculation of the trajectories of rockets and missiles, capable of correcting its own fire of artillery, watch over air space and to make the control of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The complex is designed in the Soviet Union began in the 1980s to substitute in the army artillery complex ARC-1 (index Grau 1RL239, "Lynx"), which was developed in the late 1970s. The new complex was located on the chassis of the tractor MT LBu, this has with the ARC-1 external similarity. For work on the creation of "Zoo" were involved in two businesses — SRI "boom" and SIC "Spark". Soon followed the destruction of the Soviet Union led to the fact that the two companies were in the various countries where they are independently of each other to continue the work already being rivals. SPC "Spark", appeared on the territory of Ukraine, continued work on the development and modernization of the complex 1L220-U "Zoo-2", based on a different chassis, which holds a greater range of target detection, but the lower bandwidth and other software and hardware solutions.

FSUE "Arrow" from the town of Tula continued to work on the modernization of the "Zoo-1" (namely, the work was done to improve the communication system, software and hardware of the complex). The new complex, designed by the enterprise, has received index 1L219M (upgraded) and the first time was introduced to the media in 2002. Most likely in 2004, a number of these complexes in single units was transferred to the army tests in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. End military trials of the complex officially ended February 19, 2008, a year ago already complex was adopted by the Russian army. It is understood that several similar complexes could take part in the August 2008 events on the ground in South Ossetia. As part of today's Russian crew set comes in the battery management and artillery intelligence, which is the state required to have three such complexes.


The purpose of automatic radar complex "Zoo-1" is the definition of the coordinate fire weapons (leading fire mortars, artillery, multiple rocket launchers and launchers, tactical missiles) in connection with a shot or run. Fixing shot and tracing the line of movement of the projectile / missile complex issues targeting their fire weapons and holds the key to the effectiveness of their fire.

"Zoo-1" is able to immediately find up to 70 different artillery positions for a minute and give them the coordinates to the fall of the shells (for the first 20 seconds after volley), to conduct simultaneous tracking 12 targets, producing an automatic exchange of information coming from the gearbox control. "Zoo-1" in a position to provide intelligence / control indirect fire mortars at a range of 81-120 mm, 20 km / 22 km caliber artillery firing positions 105-155 mm at a distance of 15 km / 20 miles, MRL-caliber gun positions 122-240 mm at a distance of 30 km / 35 km range missile firing positions 40 km / 40 miles. The complex has the highest noise immunity and modular design.

If need be this complex can be used for UAV flight control, also look for the control of their movement or control of the flight other aircraft in the area of responsibility. When you are at the airport can be provided support and a clear definition of the coordinates of aircraft, following the transfer of data to the control mode online.

"Zoo-1" has a sufficiently high tenacity, which is achieved by means of non-long-time operation of the radar to radiation, the introduction of countermeasures unintentional and intentional jamming, sports tuning of the carrier frequency. Calculation of the complex — 3 people — protected and bulletproof ballistic armor.

RFCs "Zoo-1" in camouflage coloring

The complex

RFCs "Zoo-1" is located on a transport unit — an armored caterpillar tractor vysokoprohodimom MT forehead. At its base is developed, radar equipment, self-contained means of orientation and navigation, communications, input and processing of digital terrain maps, and power supplies, which assigns a higher mobility of the complex.

The complex comes 1L259M radar radar-based crawler tractor MT LBu, machine maintenance (MTO) complex for the repair and maintenance work on the basis of car 1I30 Ural-43203, power station ED30-T230P-1 RPM-1 on the trailer 2 -PN-2 for routine and educational works, as autonomous agents topographic location and orientation.

1L259M — a 3-coordinate monopulse radar with a phased antenna array (PAR), which provides combat work together with quick PCV — digital computer system, which has developed software. Overview of the area of responsibility in the search mode or target shooting radar control implements with digital scanning Electroluch in the sector to 90 degrees horizontal and up to 1.8 degrees in the vertical plane with a fixed elevation angle of 40 degrees. Radar able to automatically detect floating mines, missiles and rockets, and accompany them to conduct trajectory measurements.

The results of these measurements is assessed movement of shells, firing systems, the class is calculated coordinates enemy firing positions with an accuracy sufficient for the realization of an effective counter-battery fight (in the mode of exploration targets). Also made the calculation of points falling equity lesions (control mode). Once this is generating and transmitting data messages on the enemy firing positions, as the results of their own weapons firing on automatic gearbox missile systems and artillery battalion.

Radar 1L259M

As part of the radar 1L259M are autonomous agents topographic location, orientation and navigation, which provide while driving or parking determining azimuth and coordinates location of the station in the same coordinate system. Radar is equipped with an interface for the system of command and control.

Central Military Commission of the complex provides high automation of the whole process of combat and allows you to find and accompany up to 12 targets at once, also open coordinates indirect fire of the enemy, which is a simultaneous, full of fire.

MTO on the basis of "Ural" was created to carry out repair and maintenance work aimed at maintaining radar equipment in a combat-ready condition and has for this purpose all the necessary equipment.

Power complex is made with the help of mobile power Ezo-T230P-1RPM capacity of 30 kW (during training and regulatory-based repair) or from a generator that selects the output from the spindle motor (in the criteria battle of the complex).

RFCs "Zoo-1" provides

1. Mobility

While expanding and collapsing the RFCs without logging crew takes less than 5 minutes.
Speed on land — up to 60 km / h
The complex is able to swim across water obstacles.
The complex has a cross on the road at least some type.
Progress in store with full fuel is 500 km.
The complex is able to operate at altitudes up to 3000 m above sea level
Chance work with all types of effects precipitation, dust, and the strong wind of 30 m / s.
at ambient temperatures from -45 to +50 degrees Celsius.
Ability to transport all types of transport: railway, air, auto, aqua.
Stand-alone survey and orientation.

2. Vitality

Frequent change of the carrier frequency.
Short periods of time radiation.
Protection against electric pulses.
The highest noise immunity.

3. Protection of the crew

From the defeat of small gun and shell fragments
From the destruction of chemical and bacteriological weapon.
From the effects of low and high temperature environment.

4. Ease of operation

Full automation control radar.
Providing comfortable criterion crew (ventilation, heating, air conditioning).
Integrated automatic control performance of the complex.
The complex is transferred from traveling to combat and back with the crew of the MT-brow.
Autonomy of energy supply.

Workplace commander RFCs "Zoo-1"

Modes of operation RFCs "Zoo-1"

1. Exploration

In the "intelligence" to determine the coordinates of firing positions firing anti-tank weapon of the enemy. The product scans the alternate location on the terrain, covering the sector width of 90 degrees. With all of this probe beam, carrying an electric scanning over a masking surface, forms a so-called "potential barrier of the search."

At the moment of crossing the barrier is indicated by a shell of its detection, acquisition and tracking with the following extrapolation of the line of traffic to the point of departure of the projectile.

2. Control

In the "Control" to determine the coordinates of points falling projectiles shooting their own funds. According to the initial data entered in the computing device management (Woo), calculated coordinates of the points start tracking projectiles, the occurrence of which is carried out in the working sector. Woo sets the probe beam in the direction of the point of the alleged meetings and organizes search anticipated electric projectile. Upon detection of a shell in the area is the meeting point of his capture, tracking and extrapolation to the point of his fall.

3. Multi-function control

In the "Function control"Diagnosing apparatus is complex (module to the lowest level) using a digital computing device controls (Woo). A "functional control" is carried out both before and during combat operations.

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