Couple relationships are influenced by unconscious processes

Couple relationships are influenced by unconscious processes

Scientists from the University of Oxford (UK) state: the view of how people close to the pair, we form under the influence of substances serotonin produced in the course of the study mozge.V healthy adult participants, divided into two groups and were given a drink with amino acid that allows you to manipulate concentration in their blood tryptophan (involved in the synthesis of serotonin): some experimental get a drink with tryptophan, the other — without him. Then people were asked to rate pairs on the demonstrated relationship photographs.

The difference in estimates reflect changes in the activity of serotonin in the respondents. Thus, the subjects in which the level of its activity was reduced (they were given a "placebo"-drinking), assessed the relationship as less intimate and less romantic. The volunteers, who after a drink with tryptophan serotonin activity was normal, felt that the image close, etc.

Discovery by Oxford scientists, is a reminder of the fact that our relationships with other people are influenced by unconscious processes that control which we can not. Understanding the role of serotonin is very important, because a close relationship protects against the development of mental illness and promotes recovery of those who did not escape mental disorder. The opposite is also true: dysfunctional relationships can be triggers for people at risk psihzabolevany.

Opportunity to influence the chemical affinity, increasing the concentration of serotonin, can play a key role in the treatment of many mental illnesses. However, before the market will cure that promotes the establishment of close contacts between people, scientists will have to spend a lot more research.

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