Create invisible to the human eye passes and portals will soon become a real


Using a technique known as transformation optics (transformation optics), scientists will be able to change the direction of light waves, which subsequently enables them to create passages, invisible to the human eye.

Scientists closer to creating an analogue platform 9 and 3/4 of the movie Harry Potter.

Based on the individual provisions of the laws of refraction and reflection of light, a group of scientists from the University of Hong Kong and Fudan University in Shanghai has described the concept of the passage, which blocks electromagnetic waves, but misses the physical body.

In making such passages diffusing element is applied to the photonic crystal and light guide electromagnetic radiation in a particular direction. This creates an optical illusion that blocks any real object, such as the entrance to the real-life space.

According to Ulf Leonhardt (Ulf Leonhardt), the effect of using such technology like the breaking of the image, when we observe objects in the water: they seem to be larger than in reality, and their location is different from the real one.

It is important to note that attempts to develop similar technology have already been made, but, in practice, been able to send in the correct direction only part of the visible radiation.

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