CSKA bought a Brazilian football player for a record price

21-year-old Brazilian club "Gremio" Mario Fernandez signed a contract with the Moscow football club CSKA. In accordance with this agreement, in August this year goes to the Russian football club, that is, before the end of the Cup in Brazil defender remains in his current club, for which he serves in 2009. Fernandez participated in thirty-three games in the Brazilian championship in 2011, scoring one goal.

Buying a talented player cost the club a huge amount — fifteen million, and the deal the Brazilian club would go only seven and a half million, and the rest will be other holders of rights to football. Although the official website of CSKA such information has not been discovered. The source of news was the Terra Brasil, the online edition in Brazil. According to some unofficial sources, the contract will be awarded for five years.

Mario Fernandez will visit Moscow next week, which will host a medical examination, the necessary condition of the contract, and will issue the final details of the contract go to CSKA.

Before returning home to continue playing for his club before the deadline.

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