Curse of the dead. Myth or reality?

Curse of the dead. Curse of the mummy's curse of the pharaoh … Since time immemorial, people believe that the dead are disturbed eventually rise from the grave and begin to retaliate. Anyway, to be honest, morals and faith do not allow any lack of respect for the deceased.

But science has always considered the moral norms that prevent the curiosity of scientists, superfluous. Read all about it! I want to see, looked like Tamerlane, Tutankhamun and the other who died many years ago. In short, the series hunters mummies replenished and replenished, and the stories of the curse are multiplying and multiplying.
We will not go far. June 21, 1941 Soviet archaeologists have disturbed the remains of Tamerlane to anthropologist Gerasimov could recreate the bones of the skull true face of ancient commander. The next day, the Great Patriotic War. Coincidence? However, rumor has it that before opening the tomb had three gray-haired sages and warned archeologist Malik Kayumova that, well, if the dust disturbed Tamerlane, the war starts. Malik said about the members of the government commission, but the solution is not canceled. Then he learned about predicting Marshal Zhukov and Stalin said. And the power of Tamerlane quickly reburied. The next day after the world learned of the victory at Stalingrad. And after the burial of Tamerlane was fully restored, there was a famous tank battle of Kursk.

You go around Egypt party

Since the XIX century, archaeologists and lovers of crowds flocked to Egypt in search of the treasures of the ancient pyramids. They broke into the tomb, seized all that they were home to leave the country and sold to museums and private collections. In 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, opened the tomb of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Found there many priceless treasures of antiquity, but apparently disturbed some dark forces, dormant for thousands of years. Two months later came down Lord Carnarvon. His life, as stated by the doctors claimed the fever from the bite of a poisonous mosquito. A close friend of Carnarvon, George Gould came to Egypt to pay last respects to the deceased. Just a few hours after visiting her grave dumped fever. Then he died and archaeologist, who was present at the opening of the tomb. And the radiologist, who determined the age of the tomb began to complain of excessive fatigue and returned to England. There he died.
Moreover, for six years 26 people have died of the people who attended the opening of the tomb. But the curse remains in effect. In ten years, survived two. For some reason on Howard Carter curse did not work, he lived to be 66 years old.

Here's the story with the tomb of the pharaoh and his wife Peteti, excavated in December 1993 in the same Egypt. Inscriptions on the sarcophagi, warned: "The Great Goddess Hathor twice punish anyone who defiles the place." At the head of the excavation suddenly had a heart attack, which nearly cost him his life. Then the earthquake destroyed the house of his fellow archaeologist. A train carrying the relics obtained derailed.

Ice Warrior

Helmut Simon, from Nuremberg to life in the Alps and went there looking for Bigfoot. A found in September 1991, the dead body of an unknown Tyroleans. He vmerz edge in Similaun glacier on the Austro-Italian border. The corpse was fur and woven leather straps shoes, backpack backpack were in some stores. Old he was 46 at time of death, but the body of Oetzi was strong and had excellent teeth. Scientists have determined that Oetzi fell in a battle. On the body showed signs of blood four others. Presumably from a fatal blow with a spear in the back of the soldier could not dodge.

Undertook to investigate the corpse found — first criminologists, then scientists. And for 14 years, died seven people who had anything to do with mummies Tyroleans. According to the theory Ötzi curse revenge for what his gut after 53 centuries after his death. Konrad Spindler, Associate Professor University of Innsbruck, who has studied Ötzi died recently — at the age of 66 years. Recent years he suffered from severe multiple sclerosis, and began discord health after the first examination mummy. By the way, scientists have known about the "curse" and joked that he would be the next victim.
The first victim was Oetzi, Rainer Henn, the medical examiner who examined the corpse was found on a glacier. He died in a car accident on the way to a scientific conference, where they discussed the ice man. The second was the police investigator, who opened and then closed the murder case. He choked in the bath. Then died conductor-climber, extract from the glacier mummy. It covered an avalanche in the mountains, and from the chain climbers suffered only one. Journalist Rainer Holz, who shot the film about the ice man, died of a brain tumor.

Put that down!

Thank God, in recent years, the world began to realize that stolen from ancient tombs would be better to return.
Recently, for example, a resident of South Africa asked to put in place had been stored in her home Scarab from Tutankhamun's tomb to get rid of the "curse of the pharaoh." In a letter to the Minister of Culture of Egypt, it gives a long list of misfortunes that happened to the owners of the amulet. The first owner, a British sailor, who bought the amulet in Cairo, was drowned, the victim of a shipwreck. His daughter died of leukemia at age 21. The widow decided to get rid of the curse of the scarab and gave the current owner, whose daughter also died of leukemia at the age of 21, and then her husband died suddenly.

Yes, the attitude to the dead we got the disregard. How common be-zymyannyh ditches in the territories of the Gulag as unburied soldiers left on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War! How many "black archeologists" search through the Crimea and down, and how many now vandals are operating in cemeteries!
Think about why people are not afraid of no sin, no bacteria, no mysterious "energy clusters", trying to re-dig the grave, sawed ancient corpses? To find the ancient treasures? Rich? Famous? Or maybe just a microbe which they beat?

Psychics claim that the tombs of the Pharaohs acted spell — that core clusters by priests. They are still guarding the tomb from intruders.

Scientists also do not believe in psychics and explain the "curse of the pharaoh" bacterial action. In 1999, the German microbiologist Gotthard Kramer of the University of Leipzig to analyze more than 40 mummified bodies and found that each of them is covered with a thin layer of mold. The naked eye can not see these organisms, and mostly harmless. But, if the immune system is weakened, the mold gets into the respiratory tract, is very dangerous.

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