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Modern witches say that a drop of blood from the little finger of his left hand when it secretly added to a glass of wine, woman, make this woman passionately in love with a man …

Healing under the gallows

In the past, people blindly believed that the blood — is more than the usual red liquid needed to sustain life and strength. They considered the driving force of an immortal soul, the essential foundation of life. When a person loses blood, he grew poorer spiritually and physically, and if they lose it too much, you die, because with the blood coming out of him, his soul.

People believed that the blood has an independent life, which does not stop even after the separation from her mother body, so it is often used in magic and religious rituals.

At one time it was believed widely that the corpse begins to bleed when touched him or even close fit his killer. Blood had to know the killer and spray out to throw against him.

Secret power of witches and warlocks on people can be destroyed, let them blood. "Top notch breath," that is blowing blood by applying deep scratches on the nose or mouth, it was quite common and practiced in European countries during the century before last, not only by an angry mob, demanding speedy punishment "novices devil," but sometimes the police and judicial authorities.

Another way of destruction spells witch included the use of the victim's own blood. If any person is bewitched, or broken, should boil in the hearth at midnight or just throw on some hot coals for his blood with the utterance relevant spells and to comply with the ritual.

Immediately after that, a witch or a wizard, fill damage, no matter where they were at that time, felt excruciating pain and had to remove the curse.

Using human blood, applied to the affected areas, in the past produced and magical spells to heal the sick. Thus, in the Middle Ages, when the terrible leprosy in Europe was commonplace, it tried to heal, bathing in the blood of babies sick or virgins or placing leper under the gallows so that it dripped blood hanged criminal.

In general, the blood of criminals in the past used by almost all intractable diseases.

Thus, according to historical documents, June 6, 1755 Zeybih one, killed in a drunken man was beheaded in Dresden. Before execution, the two senior journeyman tailor shop in Dresden appealed to the prime minister, Count Heinrich von Brühl with a request to allow them to someone Johann Wiedemann, who suffers from epilepsy, drink blood to heal executed.

The famous writer of fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen describes in his autobiography penalty, which he saw in 1823 in Skelskere: "I saw the poor patient, whose superstitious parents forced to drink a cup of blood was executed, considering it a good remedy for epilepsy."

In the beneficial effect of blood criminals believed as bakers and brewers. A rag soaked in blood was executed, they were dipped in batter and barrels of beer. According to legend, after this was to increase the number of buyers for their goods. Horse owners rubbed the blood of criminals of their horses, their hair was smooth and shiny. They also put a cut finger was executed in the stable, the animals did not suffer

Magical means of freckles

Sudden bleeding from the nose is considered a bad omen, but if it happens in the presence of a person of the opposite sex to whom you feel sympathy to accept it, you are in love.

A drop of blood from the left nostril promises good luck in the future, but more than one out of every drop of his nostrils portends illness of any member of the family.

To stop the bleeding as a first aid healers and sorcerers used until recently rather curious magical means. For example, a knife pierced frog, put it in a small canvas bag and hang it on the neck of the patient.

And residents of the United States still maintain that a nosebleed can be stopped, plugged nostril cat tail. But if it does not help enough to put under the upper lip rolled up piece of newspaper into a tube, and under the tongue — a small pellet.

Another common way in the past to stop the bleeding from the nose — to put the patient on the back iron key to the front door and let him slip down the back or attach to the back of the neck stinging nettles.

Here and there, for the prevention of sudden nosebleeds bore the tuft of silk threads, preferably red, which confused the nine virgins.

But where was I to get just so many virgins? And with heavy bleeding from the nose in the same Russian village sorcerers advised to take in each hand a key and a piece of chalk and strongly clench fists.

You could also take a closed padlock and allow the blood to drip through the arch. Also blood wrote his name on a rag and then put it in front of your eyes. Blood after that, according to eyewitnesses, have stayed.

There were purely "acrobatic" ways. For example, the hand opposite nostril, from which the blood was running, to get under the other arm raised elbow earlobe. In principle, it is not difficult and does not need to look for virgins.

The collected blood after phlebotomy healers categorically forbade long to keep in the house, otherwise the disease could return.

With strong uterine bleeding woman in labor gave a drink of water or a few spoonfuls of his own blood. Edematous to recover, had put a blood out of the right hand, pour it into an empty egg shells, and buried in a jar filled with manure, to everything there is rot.

Epilepsy medicine men treated no less original way. The patient himself was opening a vein and blood is poured into the hole, done in wood. Then stop up the hole with a piece of bark taken out earlier.

In a similar way the girl tried to get rid of freckles. That's what they say about it in one of the voodoo books: "On Friday morning, before sunrise, go to the forest, gouged a hole in a tree, pour a bit of blood from the left ring finger on the chips, put it back in the hole and fill it well."

"The blood was gone, I do not need …"

Not spared medical magic with their attention and menstrual blood, which is used as a remedy against intermittent fever, rabies, etc. This means, according to the experts, most likely acted in cases where a woman whose blood was taken without knew what use will this blood. Especially healing blood was considered a young girl, the first time underwent menstruation.

Going to the field to sow grain farmers wrapped in a shirt of a young girl, covered periods, that was supposed to contribute getting rich harvest. A few loaves baked in menstrual blood, and then buried at the threshold of the house, according to popular belief brings luck to undertake business.

In order for the whole year to protect the home from damage, menstrual blood sprayed the door jamb and the space around the house.

However, wizards, of course, did not let up, and using the same menstrual blood bedevil again. So to make a bridal childless, they obtained nightgown bride and cut out of her cloth, stained with blood. When the young couple was married in the church, an evil magician stuffed a rag in the padlock and lock it in a while, when the priest pronounced the word "Amen."

Then the wizard cast a castle in the well, where no one could find. Until the lock neotpertym lay at the bottom, as long couple remained childless.

However, menstrual blood is used as a charm. A woman who has come to the time of the fire periods, should run around three times round the burning house and move it to prevent the devil fire to neighboring buildings.

To bewitch the guy so that he never gave up and did not forget her, she must drink it with his quietly menstrual blood by adding it to the red wine and said: "The blood was gone, I do not need, need my dear servant of God (Name) . I could not without blood, without it I can not. Amen. " This spell is very strong and does not only love, but also the complete authority over a man.

To dream of your current blood mean a quick headache, migraine or consumption. See the river, in which the blood instead of water, means a quick wealth and profit. Blood let yourself dream means imminent ruin, and coughing up blood — a harbinger of a serious illness. Had a dream to wear for you to mess with blood dress foreshadows a date with close relatives.

And finally, one more sign. If a girl will cut or prick your finger to draw blood this night, she would be married next year. But it should be borne in mind that a cut or thrust must be random …

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