Dialogue with Saturn

This publication does not open from the beginning of the dialogue. In the first part there is a lot of what the author may not disclose a wide audience. However, the following discussion it is interesting, because the potential of this information has anesthetic properties, and results in the suppression of aggression lost souls.

… The second part of the dialogue took place in a different time, when there were additional issues of immediate life saturnyan their astral world. This part of the dialogue will be described in the images that were created in the conversation, but the nature of the information they carried, and even harmonize with certain religious beliefs of a person.

Accumulated a lot of questions. How are saturnyane? How they spend their leisure time? The dialogue was also built as a conversation of ordinary people. And with that, and the other side was exposed curiosity. Once each of the parties to exercise it in different ways.

Starting theme of the dialogue was to identify the issues of the reason saturnyan know life on Earth. Their response is fully integrated into the structure of the psychophysical aspects of the organization of the person, so it was so compelling that once again confirmed the relationship with the theoretical concepts of the astral body of the person and its properties, set out on our website.

Saturnyane said they have yet to materialize on Earth, so the knowledge of the Earth and the lives of its inhabitants, they need to put in the memory of the information before they will appear on Earth. Then the earth adapting to them will be greatly simplified, and the subsequent development will become more valuable.

This is the essence of life Saturn. They are embodied in the world, to further develop their astral body — the body senses, it becomes the soul of man. And all that the man found in the land, will be a good experience for the soul. And the knowledge that the soul will find in the physical body, will be knowledge of the soul, and the whole person. As a result, a person with a soul — a projection of Tala saturnyanina integrated into the physical world. Moreover, the development of the soul in the physical body is 21 years old. So the next stage in the development of the soul is a further acquisition of knowledge and the development of intelligence.

Intelligence saturnyanina formed images. Logic low level he attains after the incarnation in the physical world. And after completion saturnyanin becomes a person to whom the open all the way to spiritual development.

Slavic peoples with a soul incarnated saturnyane only Russian genome. Astral bodies of other genes are gained from a community of people from their other Civilizations BV, ie other nations — are representatives of other civilizations.

It seemed that all the points are placed on the "i", but life in the physical world is much more diverse. And yet to discover a lot of new pages of our lives, until now inaccessible.

Some of the findings

The astral world has many faces. There are many oases and reservations. This is a world of many forms of life and many levels of development, including intellectual.

Once out of the physical body in the astral world, consciousness of the physical level is disabled and enabled consciousness astral level at which a person usually does not reflect intellectually, and thinks feelings.

In this world, the physical man lives only in the sleep period, continuing to develop astrally. However, he returns to the same knowledge, mixed on the nuances of physical reality, because consciousness of the physical person may be present in the astral consciousness through the sleeping physical vehicle with a shallow sleep.

Even when the astral life saturnyanin lays in gene structure of the future physical embodiment accumulated knowledge. Therefore, in the physical body, they do not show the full extent. Only sensory organs are functioning properly, and spiritual experiences are felt, as before.

In the physical body of a person does not remember astral life. Output in the Astral also offers memory to physical reality. So after leaving the physical life of the common man is a combination of two independent consciousness as structure of astral consciousness is fully preserved.

If withdrawal from the physical reality of man accompanied by a transition to the astral world, in this world he can not see the information field of consciousness of the physical man, as guide him there.

Care in the mental sphere also exclude information astral world. Only the knowledge of the astral world, the accumulation of physical person can remain in the mental area. However, the images embodied in the physical world, are common on the astral plane, and in the mental sphere. So spiritually advanced people can live in a mental world and live a full life in the astral world, if necessary, moving to this area. Here it is generated by the creative thinking developed mental logic, and can solve the problems of any professional, while maintaining the status of human spiritual development.

Continued dialogue

Subsequent dialogue was no less interesting, because also confirms many of the things that has been achieved previously. We will continue it in the amount of information that is most accessible to the reader and does not cause a sharp rejection. Note that the following discussion reveals just one of many ways in the development saturnyanina.

Saturnyane said that being born inhabitant of Saturn must accumulate knowledge and experience life before he can move to a higher energy level. To do this, he first developed on his own planet, and when it reaches the necessary independence, it may be allowed to incarnate into the physical world.

Becoming a man of the physical world, it continues to evolve, going through all the stages of the knowledge of physical reality and accumulate rich experience. Then, after leaving the physical life on the astral plane, he recalls the whole past life, and erase in the minds of all that considers itself more than that is profitable in the long term benefit.

Thus, restoring the information on the physical life, saturnyanin (soul man) increases its information capacity in the associative network of consciousness, and is capable of being a helper and teacher of the physical person who is close to him on the experience gained. At the same time, working as an assistant, and after the training to the development of the spiritual potential, it could become guardian angel, accompanying physical human life and bringing him some responsibility.

Guardian Angel continues to learn the physical world through his student. Experience as a student becomes his experience. Often after the first incarnation and the baggage claim life material accompanying student saturnyanin not incarnate until yet potentially not ripen before moving to the mental level of development, but in the physical world.

This way it is in the physical world without much support from the astral world, as Teachers are no longer among those who are able to help him qualitatively. There are only those who can support him in the ways of the earth only to high-risk areas, where a higher vision, without access to the physical man.

The fact is that in the astral world saturnyanin receives information visually. At the same time, achieving a high concentration of Saturn is much easier than the physical man. It is caused by an increase in "long" link physical man with his mind, compared to the "length" of the channel saturnyanina. Therefore, the channel of the physical man brings in additional distortions in the original information. As a result, consideration of the physical man is unstable. It distracted the presence of noise in the spectrum of observation. Saturnyanin also has his mind right at their level. It has no link with his mind. He is Consciousness. In this sense, a chain of self-regulation of attention in saturnyanina closed directly to himself, and no translational servers, like a man on the moon.

Therefore, the accuracy of the findings in the astral saturnyanina higher mental findings earthly man. The logic behind saturnyanina also higher because logic, he draws from the visual consciousness of the earthly man, and his mind steady apparatus more sensitive to the accuracy of logical connections. In other words, if the earth's people do not develop spiritually, he is teacher higher than Saturn is not needed. The conclusions of the earthly man full of sensual formulations. They are philosophical, even if the findings of the famous scientist, but these findings astral level, as his mind can not go beyond it. Moreover, it applies to those scientists who quietly look away from the spiritual path.

When re-incarnation in the physical world is a person had the potential independent way. Its stability in the physical world is fixed in the minds of rich experience. We call it an innate nature. During this period, the capacity is checked for stability in independent development. And this time for it is the only one on Earth. He is his own. And now he is free to choose the way.


This topic is not easy for a researcher. There is a lot of controversy due to the lack of sources with accurate information. The books are general phrases about incarnation. And nowhere describes the technology that is available to most readers.

In this part of the topic we will cover one of the technologies in the development of human primary cell of the Earth — the monad, which we still have a vague idea. What is a monad we describe it in this thread, where a consistent exposition of the reader without any effort will be available to answer the question about the properties of the primary monadic substance.

Monad, in fact, there is a reasonable body of an organism, grown in a medium of the astral plane (in our presentation — on the planet Saturn). This grain, seed can grow, knowing the world as long as in the astral world monad not exhaust the potential of having absorbed all that it can be known in this world.

For the outcome of the initial stage of the monad takes a number of properties that allow it to see the outside world with his mind's eye, formed in the process of sensory perception of the world and gaining life experience. Monad becomes a full and independent living organism, capable of solving the problem is much more complex than those that make sense of the earth scientists. So monad matures and rushes to the knowledge of the more complex laws in any of the areas which will consider for themselves the most attractive.

Individual monads rush to the knowledge of the physical world, and associate themselves with a newborn energy-channel physical world. In this case, one gets the physical monad-soul, filling it with energy from its gene structure. As a result of such a connection is formed aggregate body of the physical body to the soul, which turns off the astral perception of reality, and she falls asleep, seeing himself as a man in a dream.

Thus the soul is inseparable from the man as long as he is alive and growing in the physical world.

Upon reaching adulthood, the physical body dies, the soul has known physical world, and built himself a new body, the astral man wakes up and is ready for further development.

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