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Obi — fortune-telling system is all-powerful priests of voodoo, to obey the will of evil spirits rising from the graves of the dead and turn them into zombies, etc. Like all wizards, they are good at guessing, guessing their methods are very popular in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Haiti and Cuba. In America, the ancient methods of predicting the fate of African negros brought slaves. Among them was the Obi.

Obi — four flat objects, which are easily stirred. You can successfully use a flat smooth roundels of wood or plastic the size of a ruble coin, buttons or coins in denominations of one ruble. So tell me the Russian voodoo priest, spoke about this exotic divination.

One side of the coin will have to glue the black paper — remember the "black mark", which was used in the novel pirates RL Stevenson's "Treasure Island"?

Obi divination — a serious matter, so before you perform all of the steps below to create a favorable conditions. The room should be quiet, so the best time for divination late evening or night. Otherwise, we have noticed a priest who taught me, you will still be distracting conversations, phone calls, TV noise and other sounds that inevitably accompany our urban life.

If you know how to meditate — great — clean conscience before we proceed to the ritual. If not, lie down and relax on the simplest system of anger management. And you can do in a different way: to light a candle, and anything without thinking for a while to look at the flame.

When you feel you are cleansed from the madding crowd, put on the table a thick (better — lingerie) rope circle, indicating a sacred space in which they would shoot Obi. This is necessary so that they do not "rode" for its border. Oh and if a throw is too strong, and the coin rolled out of range, repeat the shot, because all four of the obi must be in it.

Although Obi came to us from Africa, no one forbids you to ask to answer your question to the saint. But usually only be addressed to some spirit. What — it is your own business.

Each coin toss gives you five possible answers, as shown in the figure. You can drop four white circle, in any combination of black and white characters, four black circle. Each of them has a name and a value.

The easiest way to fortune-telling — is to ask these questions, you will get one of two answers "yes" or "no." Made their "move" and look for the answer of the "Ode" — so the options for layouts when throwing Obi.

General rules:

"* Obi takes one time to get the answer to one question
"* Before the coin toss them shaken, but not more than twice
"* Obi can be thrown several times, clarify your question — then draw a few answers you a more accurate picture of current events or the future
"* If you roll Alafia (peace) or Etava (wrestling) — then find out what it is — the Ob to throw again, because the answer is incomplete
"* Note: the color of the circle indicates the kind of energy impact on your life: white — positive, black — negative
* Most of Obi divination systems provides the most common answers that you have to decipher, thinking what exactly they mean in your situation.


Alafia (Peace). In a broad sense, means peace and tranquility. The reader may assume that it is the most favorable option, since it consists of only the positive (white) energy. This is not entirely true. Alafia — alignment unbalanced. Yes, the rest — this is good, but the rest is already excessive lethargy and nesobrannost. However, Alafia good sign, especially if there Etavy after (the fight). So, your work, your fight will end success, victory, peace, and stability.

ETAVA (fight). As the name suggests, this represents the balance of the conflict with the people or the struggle with adverse circumstances. Etava can tell you — in your life are (or will occur), confusion, misunderstanding, some things in it is clearly not in place. As Alafia, Etava considered incomplete response at the first throw, because any conflict should be resolved somehow — or your not in your favor.

EIFE (balance). This is the most favorable of all the layouts. It means the perfect balance of the forces of light and darkness, leading to the creation of a harmonious, balanced situation.

Ocana (some good, some bad). This sign says that everything is more or less well. But the prevalence of black marks cautions: at any time the situation can suddenly change for the worse.

OYEKUN (Shadow). Alafia is the opposite — the highest level of negative energy. This alignment indicates that you are the worst influence. In other words, you are in trouble. To take her away from you, it is recommended immediately to stop guessing, light a candle and pray to the patron saints and ancestors for protection from attacks of darkness.

At best Oyekun could mean that your question is not answered. Figuratively speaking, the future will be covered with darkness, and (possibly) until the next divination.

As already mentioned, if the first toss Obi fall Alafia or Etava, coins should be thrown again to get the final answer. In this form the combination of the two layouts. All possible combinations of these options below. Initially described starting with Alafia, then Etavy.

Alafia Alafia +. On the one hand, the strong presence of positive energy, but on the other — the danger of complacency, laziness, inertia, euphoria (sometimes — intoxication). When it comes to performing a task, And this combination of alerts you, the reader: its solution requires sobriety (in all senses), and concentration.

Alafia + ETAVA. Period of peace, contemplation, rest and planning for the test and control. If you want to come out the winner of the upcoming difficult situation, the head should be clear, and the emotions under tight control.

Alafia + EIFE. Good alignment. Clear head and balance. It should be suitable for the principle of "what will be, will not escape." And be said, this combination is likely to do good.

Alafia + Ocana. No matter how you whispered positive energy Alafia, "be quiet, get ready for the best," Ocana in one fell swoop can disrupt the best of circumstances, the successful course of affairs. And to make it almost invisible, putting on your way a little contingency. Therefore, experts say the Ob, the alignment is generally negative. Be on your guard. And in addition, be prepared for the fact that on the actions you are asking about spirits, will likely have to abstain until better times.

Alafia + OYEKUN. Sudden trouble, trouble. For example, going for a newspaper, you can get under the car. Koli was given this combination, be extremely careful and cautious. Promising trouble, this "couple" also warns that identify or count those dark forces that act (or will soon begin to act) against you, you can not either his brains or to include "work" some powerful forces, not by resorting to other conjectural systems.

ETAVA + Alafia. Peace and satisfaction will come after hard work and struggle. You have to earn your reward.

ETAVA + ETAVA. In other words, fight after fight. What does this mean? In order to achieve the desired goal, you have to fight like a lion, turn inside out and work up a sweat. This combination foretells you battle of many rounds and require maximum commitment. Any slack can lead to defeat.

Another meaning of the alignment of all is (or will) not, what would you do. You choose what to do in such a situation:

"- To fight, no matter what
"- Take up the defense and wait
— dramatically change the scope of activity, seeing that in the current success is not going to spoil you.

ETAVA + EIFE. Fight or efforts will lead to perfect balance and success.

ETAVA + Ocana. This is quite a tricky combination — it gives you just three answers. Guess you own — that is the question. But even in the best case, you do not expect a brighter future. And they are:

"- No matter how hard you've worked all your labors turn to ashes because of some little things
"- You expect failure and discouragement after heavy work
— no matter how you strive for perfection, achieve only mediocre results.

ETAVA + OYEKUN. You fight and fight, but in most cases fails. I recall that OYEKUN — is dark, negative energy. What explains everything:

"- Or you want to achieve your goals, using one only their negative energy, and it" works "against you as
— or the powerful forces of darkness stood in your way.

What to do? Find a decent way to temporarily retreat or at least avoid the fight

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