Dmitry Medvedev visited Cherepovets

During a working visit to the city of Cherepovets, Russian Prime Minister participated in the expansion of fertilizer production in the North-West Federal District, and was present at the fun event, whose perpetrators were waiters.

Dmitry Medvedev witnessed the launch of a division "FosAgro" newest plants for urea, high-performance — about 500 000 tonnes of urea per year. Also, began operating a gas turbine power plant, which together with the installation can reduce energy consumption by 2.5 times. The costs of upgrading equipment amounted to 7.6 billion rubles.

With improvements, the performance division of Cherepovets "FosAgro" in terms of fertilizer to be about 4 million tonnes per year.

Recall, urea, or urea is used for cleaning of gas in the pipes of thermal power plants, the food industry and for the production of anti-cancer drugs.

Another event was the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the producers of mineral fertilizers from Belgium and Russia, on which the curious. After the end of signing official papers, as usual, all the participants to consume a glass of champagne, but this time, the waiters brought the drinks company leaders at the moment of signing the documents, which caused a small confusion guests.

Despite this incident, all the documents were successfully signed, and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev jokingly remarked that such a ceremony drinking refreshments before the final decision is to be introduced in the tradition of the White House and the Kremlin.

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