Do not disturb the city of the dead


Several years ago, the magazine "World Daily News" published a sensational stories of people who allegedly witnessed this "demonstration" of immigrants from the dead. According to them, it was in Austria at the village cemetery near the town of Brouckere-an der Mur. As if the dead have left their graves and in front of the terrified inhabitants column marched through the neighboring village.


This terrible procession from one species which hair stood on end, consisted mainly of yellowing skeletons, but were in it, and half-decayed corpses exude an incredible stench. Indifferent to everything around him, "demonstrators", as if obeying someone came up to the lake and it seemed to witnesses, vanished into his water. Many saw that night in the sky of a bright light, and some have argued that a meteorite fell into the lake. On the following tribute to the people who came to the cemetery discovered that all the graves are empty.
— The researchers of the paranormal stories related to the dead come alive with ambiguous. But the appearance of ghosts, not only in existing cemeteries, but in the old burial ground is considered to be quite reliable fact. And in numerous stories about it appear not only village graveyards.
Among the most famous — Veserfildskoe cemetery in the U.S. state of Connecticut. There were cases when the ghosts appeared there in the daytime. One photographer bezvylazno sat in the cemetery a few days and finally took a picture of a ghost, which arose at the grave of a man who died from a snake bite. However, later found shot "unreliable." New hunters be on duty with a photo or a movie camera in the "city of the dead" was not found.
The appearance of the ghost was accidentally recorded at London's National Gallery. There have installed sophisticated alarm system. And almost at once in one night, it worked. Raise the alarm, but the thieves, however searched Museum, was found. The security guard on which the person was not from fear, police rushed muttered something unintelligible, "Ghost, I saw as it passed through the hall of the old Dutch masters and considered the picture. And then disappeared. Vanished into thin air …" Gallery director ordered to check video footage television camera security system. And what was his surprise when the screen appeared a dark silhouette of a man acting in strict accordance with the story of a security guard. Experts who have studied the film, came to the conclusion that it captures the most genuine ghost.
Further investigation revealed that in the past the guards who performed at night crawl space of the museum, saw ghosts in the empty smell. The administration felt that the security guards because of poor lighting mistaken for ghosts bizarre game of shadows. But some have explained the emergence of immigrants from the world at the National Gallery that the museum was built on the spot where once was an old cemetery and a large deep pit, which without a church funeral dumped the body of the dead during the terrible epidemic of plague in the middle of the XVII century.
In Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, the ghosts make themselves known to the ancient church Greyfrayers. This temple is associated with many different historical events, visited by many tourists. They were particularly interested in the ancient churchyard, where many were shot very popular historical films. It tourists told that during a tour of the old cemetery, they heard a loud indignant voice, saw the ghostly figure and sometimes got in this case from some mysterious force is a painful jolts and bumps.
In two years, the number of such certificates and complaints exceeded fifty, and travel agencies with the consent of the Church authorities have invited two experts in the cemetery mediums of the Scottish branch of the Society for the study of paranormal phenomena. They found that the entire ancient cemetery filled with pain and suffering. And in those places where tourists have seen ghosts and felt the physical effects in the form of bumps and shocks, the instruments recorded a powerful energy emissions.
As reported by the medieval chronicles, in the XVII century on the grounds of the cemetery, the church Greyfrayers, a prison, where in 1679, King Charles II gave up more than a thousand of his opponents. Many were the same executed and buried in the local churchyard. Next to his victims buried, and Lord Mackenzie impose the death penalty. Conducted a survey experts are convinced that the spirit of a bloodthirsty lord terrorizing tourists energy shocks and blows.
"Caer" from the world
"Caer" — short for "counter-revolutionaries". This was the name of those who passed by Article 58, that is accused of counter-revolutionary activities and propaganda. But there was a unique case in which the investigation was conducted of the 58th against … ghosts.
In pre-war Moscow larger plants are often located next to apartment blocks. Aircraft engine factory number 24 in Stalin's was not far from the current metro station "Semyonovskaya." In the late thirties plant began to expand, and he gave the territory where there was an old cemetery. No reburial do not have, just graves were razed and built a huge test shop there. At the factory, and has happened mysterious ghost story.
In the spring of 1941 technology-toolmaker old Communist Party Ivan Khrapova summoned to the secretary of the Party Committee. There, next to the head of the party sat with military security officers' insignia. Held confidential conversation that surprised Khrapova. According enkavedeshnika someone is trying to frustrate the implementation of the important tasks of the defense. In a test shop appeared enigmatic personality, made up as ghosts. They are so intimidated minders that they refuse to go to work in those days, when the planned testing of new engines. Additional Guard, placed around the shop, did not help: "Ghosts" inexplicably manage to get inside.
Since Khrapov once served in the "Cheka", he was assigned to a secret mission. Under the guise of his trainee will translate into a testing department, where he must determine whether there appear the person pretending to be ghosts, or is it invented minders, perhaps members of the counter-revolutionary group, planned to disrupt the production of new aircraft.
Khrapov task he took up the cause. But the new state of emergency in the test with the ghosts of the shop is no longer happening. Until then, until after the May Day holiday is not received on a test batch of new engines.
On the first night shift foreman Khrapova urgently summoned to one of the stands. White as a sheet mechanic on duty told me that as soon as he started the engine, suddenly emerged from somewhere ghost began to choke him. Khrapov searched the whole shop. No one. And more than a ghost does not appear, although motors "drove" on the stands.
In the future, such emergency repeated at least once in two weeks, and only stands with the new engines. But when Khrapov resorted thither, no messengers from another world was gone. In the end, he agreed with the head of production shifts to the ill-fated Streak motors were tested only on one stand, and was on duty around the clock beside him. And on the third night Khrapov sat lost in thought. Suddenly a terrible roar worked alongside the motor suddenly fell silent. Ivan Sergeyevich turned on the sitting of the dashboard minder and could not believe my eyes: between it and the panel is clearly visible translucent figure of a man, that minder tried to push away. Ivan Sergeyevich jumped — but the specter immediately melted in the air …
Khrapov spoke about what they saw security officer. He was clearly puzzled. Promised that the investigation will attract appropriate professionals. However, beginning soon the war prevented. The plant number 24 was evacuated to Kuibyshev, where the ghosts no longer appear.
This is the story I told myself, Ivan Sergeyevich snoring. But in one of the closed schools NKVD come from the world have taken to turn … security officers themselves!
Revenge of the inhabitants of the "Cities of the Dead"
Halfway from Leningrad in Peterhof is the Holy Trinity Monastery, founded in 1732. In its nearly two-century cemetery were buried nobles and monks. After the revolution, the monastery was closed, and in the thirties in his spacious building has driven training school shooters paramilitary security. The new owners began with the destruction of "heritage of the autocracy and obscurantism." The special zeal manifested chief school friend Feldman, personally destroying the rich tombs in the monastery cemetery.
A week after that strange things began to happen. At night, in the echoing corridors heard someone shuffling steps could be heard mumbling and plaintive moans. Orderlies notice in the offices vague shadows and felt the distinct smell of decay.
After a while, everybody paid attention to how the head of the school has changed beyond recognition. Feldman has ceased to hold weekly political information, haggard, older, became irritable and fearful. At night, locked himself in his office, where it is rumored, drinking vodka. Sometimes, because the door came the muffled voice, but who could talk the boss, no one knew. And in March, in the office of the fortieth Feldman slammed a pistol shot. In the note he left was some kind of nonsense, saying that out of life because no longer able to endure the persecution of two white elders. Sent by the commission to investigate the state of emergency, of course, did not believe in ghosts, and came to the conclusion that the security officer was drank just crazy.
After the war, the monastery housed the school police, and the place of the cemetery was arranged for ground combat training. And again, ghosts made themselves felt: the night wandering in the corridors of ghostly figures, groans and curses.
In the early nineties, a police school began to accept girls.
As cadets boys, they were at the barracks. And one night in the women's case there was a wild shriek. The duty officer quickly found out why. It turned out that someone had secretly entered the barracks and climbed into bed to one of the cadets. About the state of emergency immediately notified the head of the school.
— Do you remember that bastard? You can identify? — Asked the irate boss terrified, blubbered girl.
— Yes, he does not cadet. The old man of some sort. Pale, smelly and cold, as piece of ice!
The investigation of the case from the standpoint of materialism did not produce any results, and the local old-timers were whispering about the revenge of those who were buried in the former cemetery.
What is behind the place of the dead
For centuries, in Russia there was a tradition to bury away from home and be respectful to the final resting places. Our ancestors knew that ruin graveyard can spell disaster. That is, even in the old days people made sure that our material world and the other world are related to each other. But if there is confirmed by the facts of the relationship between the two worlds, then, should be the mechanism for its implementation. The latest scientific research confirms this and also reveal the nature of such interactions. And we're not talking about revenge the dead.
Many scientists, including psychologists, biologists and physicists believe that a person, as a person, a member of the physical body and the soul, or, as they say, energy-self. Studies with the use of ultra-sensitive devices today found that after death the soul leaves the body at once, but gradually, over time. This, in particular, confirmed the experiments using the Kirlian effect, put the St. Petersburg physicist K. Korotkov. A British researchers are placed on the graves of special receivers fixed energy bursts on the ninth and fortieth day after the death of the person.
Scientists believe that the first burst of energy-is the essence of the physical body, and the second fly off from it in a subtle world. But after that it retains information communication with the rest in the tomb of the flesh, that is, the human skeleton. Due to the presence of such a close connection coming to the graves of the dead, may come into contact with their souls in order to gain support in critical situations.
But it is a connection with the soul left in the dust of the ground of its former biological substrate leads to a kind of materialization of the energy entity in the form of a ghost. This occurs most often when disturbed eternal rest remains. A catalyst or entities calls in a delicate world, are the souls of those who died prematurely as a result of an accident or violent death. They can not go to the underworld and forced to remain in the world next to the living, before which often appear in the form of ghosts. But in general, the science is still only suited to unraveling the mysteries of the "city of the dead."

Author: A.Abdulimov
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 19, 2009

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