Do we need any underage boys


During our detention, enforced at Freedom Square on the night of December 19 and 20 unknowns in black had some clever reshuffling, the meaning of which remains a mystery to me: once threw us in a bus from there, without giving time to recover, lightning was transferred to another . As a result, it is difficult to say, drove us to a white or maroon bus, the same crew detained and accompanied us to the police station, or different. Is it all in order to cover their tracks and hide their tracks? Well, if not, there is something they are still afraid, feeling the illegality of their actions.

Although helmets and masks and even under them, probably, was not very comfortable, not afraid to show my face at the request of only one of the shlemagalovyh present on the bus. However, did not name any of his name, or subdivision to which the. Not to mention the fact that did not bother to release a Monk. Therefore, I express my respect for him will not. On the question of the grounds on which we were detained, said, "What makes you think that I hold you?". Indeed, where do you distinguish these clones in black, maybe not. Then who? "I do not know." Beaten why? Do we represent a danger to anyone, or resist … Here it is with a human face shlemagalovy gave vent to emotions, could not resist: "What-oh-oh, this is we have not started to beat you!".

Reply from which point the use of violence can be considered the beating, at first glance, is as difficult as known from antiquity to the question: what is the sand pile begins? For this reason, some of the detainees later cautious, telling about the circumstances of their detention, "No, I was not beaten, perhaps several times a club hit someone …". Unhealthy caution as in my opinion. The more forgiving and allow violence against ourselves, the more it will be applied. I assume that the human body is inviolable. Therefore, any impact force unmotivated against you should consider it as a beating. One might add — "and react accordingly," because everyone has the right to self-defense, but it works only in areas where there is one law for everyone. Not our case. Here at least to remember that it is unacceptable and evaluate accordingly.

If we forget about the beating and completely unlawful detention, the trip on the bus can be called comfortable (compared to later move into paddy wagons), and even to some extent interesting, with the ability to communicate on equal terms with the representatives of power structures. Well, almost as an equal. If we forget that we were in their captivity, and not at a party. In the back of the solenoid, say, forced to sit without raising his head in silence, while ahead of us formed a bit of a discussion club. Perhaps we should boycott those shlemagalovyh, but we succumbed to the temptation to spend campaigning. On the dangers of staying too long in power one person and zavyazvannya it all drive belts, the need for our lack of national control of power, the use of strikes and other forms of protest, etc., etc.

Despite the fact that our interlocutors such weighty arguments as batons and other non-lethal weapons, we have been in discussion yard. "You're smart, and we … strive to be smart "- from the mouth of the person from whom could would be expected that he comes from the principle of "might makes and smarter," it's just a sacrificial samaprynizhenne.

He shlemagalovy out openly and continually chimed nodded in agreement. Whisper in his ear said he would not vote for Lukashenko that he kapets without power because it holds so much for, and have loud, sadly said, would be better if "we" were with Kalashnikovs.

For them, shlemagalovyh and indistinguishable, as were all arrested on one person — professional revolutionaries who freely chose their job: to rebel and suffer. So his psychological clue as to avoid emotional discomfort from what you fighting against ordinary citizens. Whose "crime" is at most a legitimate desire to witness his own opposition to the political policies of the authorities, and in some cases — just in the presence "in the wrong place at the wrong time." That is the fault of the formula suggested by the representative of law enforcement one of the convicts, who was heading somewhere on private business and got a hot hand. Hence, most likely, and talk of a Kalashnikov. Surely, these guys went to the service, not only for big money, deep down, they dreamed of the exploits. On the fight against bandits, armed rebels. And then instead of Kalashnikovs in the hands of the "rebels" children's clothes and Christmas toys, or no hands … This Achilles' heel I methodically by sadistically raskalupvav: ay-ay-ay, I say, for shame, so much work invested in the construction of these bodies, so much money was spent on equipment, and all for what? Send this Robocop him to women and disabled people in the streets would grab — it's even worse than the microscope to hammer nails.

Feel free to take offense. When I was ten, maybe once repeated to "women and the disabled," did not survive, who asked not veer more soul. Well, it they still have the soul. Some say that the soldier it should not be. I mean, do not want it to be showed to exist in the form of doubt and remorse, and so let it lie itself under a bushel, is for home use. A false argument, in my opinion. A soldier without a conscience and honor, who fights with his unarmed fellow citizens for the award, turns to guardsmen. What kind of stories are known to run in different directions during this danger. And these, too, will run away if that happens. After all, do not harm the soldier's conscience and honor, it corrupts and demoralizes their absence. Those who detained us, conscience and honor were absent.

Once upon a time in the same bus I drove real "chain dogs regime" ideologically convinced, devoted to their work. This time, I saw the usual mercenaries. Support for power is very unreliable. In the event of a serious threat to them no hope — betray, for sure.

In the basement of the Leninsky district police station, where we were finally unloaded from the bus after it failed to sell with hands on Akrestin where all the seats were occupied at the time, I had already visited 23 March 2003, having got there after the dissolution of a small column of the CCP BPF near the main post office. For this time green tint ragged walls and upholstered panels, was a liquid-crystal television, disappeared educational posters with Kalashnikov assault rifles and a target in the form of a man (instead of them now hangs a poster with a single packet of juice "Sadochok" and the design of a homemade bomb.) And, most importantly, what happened to the police, ready to instruct the erring on the right path, to learn how to love their homeland and clearly explain the policy of the party.

Comrade Commander dispersal area-2010, allow me to report: ideological work with those who dare to push the nose on the street on December 19 and was justly punished for having completely failed!

Through these seven years, they have not found something to talk about. And not too secret that they are a puppet performers in staging a farce. Thus, in the presence of more than a hundred witnesses, the deputy chief of the Leninsky district police station, with the unpleasant surprise of discovering the lack of juvenile detainees, called his subordinates, who were still zealous in:

"I need boys. Bring me any minor boys, you hear? "

Ran through the audience an easy smyashok someone said about pedophiles in uniform. Laugh laugh, but this phrase is completely exposes the essence of the December screws: somehow worked, took on the weight, quantity. (Probably, the plan for persons with disabilities, women, journalists, foreigners, and urban thug clo
wn shushametsi they have already done.) Underscoring their naemnitskuyu nature. What kind of "ideological work" can be when it was up to the lantern, who missed. The quantitative indicators, and only. For reading the notations, apparently did not pay extra. So why bother?

It is enough that comes in hundreds of protocols that same "plot" carefully displayed. This word is what they call the description of the offense and the circumstances of the detention. Also symbolic, as the original meaning of the word "story" — a fable, a fairy tale. That "plot" is intense, nervously waiting for her had somewhere to send all did not send.

Although what was waiting and nervous if she was no different from the "plot" seven years ago? "Fabula" remains the same, as an indicator of the stability of the Belarusian life. However, "fabulshchyki" changed — they no longer believe in their stories, the machine runs only through inertia.

Happy ending: the regime, which is held on the cynical henchmen condemned to death.

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To be continued

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