Does the energy-powerful curse?

Many people panic fear of becoming victims of the evil eye, evil desires and, worst of all, exposed to the curse. Our memory keeps the tradition of the soul the sinner, not finding rest and peace due to past evil sorcerer or imposed or envious spell.

One of the most popular stories on this topic tells how the King of France, Philip the Fair was persecuted and tortured the Templars, wanting to usurp the wealth and power of the knights. In 1314 the Grand Master Jacques de Molay, was burned alive in Paris. Before giving up the ghost, he cursed those who condemned him to death, and promised that no more than one year they will all be called to the supreme court.

Master Killers — Philip the Fair, his minion Guillaume de Nogare and Clement — reacted skeptically to the prediction. But the curse of the Grand Master had a terrible power — all three of them for a year in terrible agony died one by one.

This story inevitably leads to reflection.

Less well known in the history of Russian curses uttered before his execution, Ned Kelly — Australia's poor farmer who became Robin Hood unwillingly. Defending his sister, he molested her wounded a policeman and was forced to go into hiding. For several years he led a war against the colonial authorities in Australia. In the end, after this battle wounded Kelly seized by police. Robber tried Sir Redmond Barry, known for his cruelty (previously on false charges jailed mother of Ned Kelly). Although the petition in support of Kelly signed over 30 000 people in the outcome of the process no doubt. Judge Barry sentenced Kelly to the gallows. As he said after the verdict, many are the words: "May God have mercy on your soul", Kelly replied, "I'll go away, and when I get there, I'll see you there» ("I will go a little further than that , and say I will see you there when I go ").

Kelly was hanged on November 11, 1880. A November 23, 1880, twenty days after the execution of Kelly, Sir Redmond Barry died of pneumonia and carbuncle on his neck.

The tragic pages of the past

Another tragedy of a curse uttered defrocked and doomed to perpetual imprisonment in the dungeon Archbishop Arseny Matsievich, recorded archival documents. Archbishop acted against the decree of Catherine II, in which church lands were transferred to the state, and has always openly expressed criticism of the government. Then the Empress ordered the displacement Matsievich all posts rasstrizhen he was a monk and sent into exile. The ceremony was performed by the familiar Arseny clergy humbly submit to the will of the Empress. This dismal event easier to pass dry words of the historian.

When it was "the day appointed for the ceremony of removing rank, soldiers had to push the crowd to skip to the Synod, the House brought Arseny. At the direction of the Empress, he was in full vnebogosluzhebnom episcopal vestments in the mantle, with the Panagia and wand. Arseny … When exposed, he Dmitry Sechenov really predicted: "You choke on his own tongue." Four years later (in 1767) Dmitry really died suddenly of apoplexy. Gideon (Krinovskomu) Pskov Arseny said: "And you will not see his diocese." And the young Gideon (of 36 years) died on the way, before reaching Pskov. His countryman Ambrose (Zertis-Kamensky), often a visit at Arseny in Rostov, the latter bitterly reproached: "You, yady bread with me, magnified on me hesitation. And Thou shalt wave a knife stabbed to death. " That is what happened in Moscow with cholera riot in 1771 "(History of the Russian Church Kartashov.).

Can recall and other events related to the revolution in France. It has long been part of the history of Danton curse his former colleague, the Jacobins Maximilian Robespierre. The once close friends, together they have achieved power of the aristocracy and the execution of King, they disagreed on the future of the country. And Robespierre and Danton had a hand in unleashing terror in France, but soon became cool among friends. Danton began to regret Unleashed bloodshed and opposed the continuation of executions. The end came March 31, 1794. By order of Robespierre, Danton and his supporters were arrested. After an early trial, held in flagrant violation of all norms of law, Danton and his friends were accused of plotting against the republic, was sent to the guillotine.

When prisoners were taken on a cart to the Rue Saint-Honore to the execution site, they had to drive by the house in which he lived Robespierre. Danton, waiting for this moment, and shouted with all his strength, "Maximilian, I am waiting for you!" They allege that Robespierre, who was sitting at the time cooped up at home, turned pale. And from what was July 27 of the same in 1794, Robespierre was overthrown and guillotined July 28. Before his execution he drove the same route as Danton, and the mob hooting after him. The cause of the fall of Robespierre was a strange, totally inexplicable hesitation shown by the dictator in the critical days before the coup. Danton affected curse? This mystery, we are unlikely to ever find out.

Rock, haunting Kennedy family

The circumstances of the death of Dallas President John F. Kennedy from a bullet wound to remain largely mysterious and not investigated until the end. It is very possible that in the event that old dark forces intervened. The reason that many representatives of the Kennedy clan did not die a natural death, is in the curse, uttered at the beginning of XIX century …

The Kennedy family, rich farmers, while living in Ireland, where the sudden onset of drought. Grain harvest was lost, and the country ravaged severe famine. However, farmers in what Kennedy did not need at inflated prices by selling huge stocks of grain, stored in the barns. Once passed by the house of a family of hungry Irish mendicant. They asked for some food for her baby and got a cold refusal. In response to a plea from the Kennedy incited the dogs on them. Both mother hungry child asked for help from a higher justice — said all sort Kennedy curse.

There is another version: once a Patrick Joseph Kennedy, who emigrated to America, hunted robbery and once with a gang defiled and killed a mother and daughter. This terrible act marked the beginning of a curse that haunts the whole race and Kennedy sends to male descendants of Patrick's illness and accidents resulting in death. No wonder most of the nine children of Joseph Kennedy, among whom was John F. Kennedy, died an unnatural death.

Thick Rod gave Russia a lot of talented and well-known people, including the three writers. But few people know that Peter A. Tolstoy was awarded the title of Count Peter I for a reason, and for the brilliant performance of demanding mission — he, with flattery and promises, managed to persuade Prince Alexei return. Alexey stay in a foreign country, he might have kept his life. Tolstoy knew that Peter's son returns to his death, but convinced him that his father would give him peace of mind. As you know, the political ambitions of Peter Prince frightened, he did not want to continue the work of his life, and his very existence was for his father, a source of constant threat.

Betrayed Alexis put in prison fortress, where he died. Contemporaries claimed that he was tortured and killed on the orders of the king. They said also that before the death of Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich Tolstoy cursed the whole race, lured him to death, the 25th generation. And since then, in the family often come to light or weak-minded, or have lost all moral values people.

"Accursed place"

Wish evil can one person, group of people, a specific place or city. Everyone knows about the so-called "bad" areas, where the people, strange events occur frightening experience. It is not always the cause is geopathic zone — often we just do not know about what happened here many years ago. We do not know, but we feel — we are overcome incomprehensible anxiety.

As you know, taking Carthage in 146 BC, the Romans put a curse on the city and razed it to the ground. And the strange thing — the city so more never recovered in past power, despite its favorable geographical location. Even the Romans forgot about his curse, and in a hundred years have begun to rebuild Carthage again. And, it seemed, were all preconditions to Carthage regained power and greatness. But, as the Roman consul Cato, "Carthage must be destroyed" — and it was destroyed by the Arabs, and then, in the XVI century, it completed the Spaniards. Truly, do not throw words to the wind — especially in such an important matter as urban planning.

In the above case we are in the destruction of Carthage as the way to wealth and prosperity of the nation will insist the whole Roman people. But that was hardly the curse of the individual can wipe out an entire city. Regularly raises a question about the fact that our northern capital, St. Petersburg, cursed even with the ground, and repeated the ominous prelude "to be empty-Petersburg" … The curse is credited with a former queen and wife of Peter the Great Eudoxia, or Old Believers. But, as we see, the city is well and even expanding.

With cursed place the situation is much more complicated. Some terrible things or sad feelings may well impose an indelible imprint on the concrete house, a street, a vacant lot.

Yekaterinburg (formerly Sverdlovsk) is notorious Ipatiev house in which, after the revolution were executed royal family. But few people know that in 1895 the building belonged to a prosperous merchant Redikortsevu, does not have a weakness for women, and to their same sex. Immoral life of a merchant for a long time served as the subject of gossip and drove him to a loud trial. Shortly before the trial merchant died due to weak heart, and his "comrades" had suffered severe punishment — they were exiled to Siberia. Death of Nicholas II and his family finally led to the house was seen as a cursed place and round. At this place built the Temple of the Blood — hopefully it will clear energy.

In Belarus, stands the majestic Castle of Mir, in the past belonged to a wealthy family Radziwill. Guides visitors retell the following legend. To the right of the castle before roaring garden — but in the end of XIX century, he did not like something the owner of the castle, Prince Nicholas Svyatopolk-Mirsky, ordered to cut down all the trees and make the place a pond. There was an accident: while lumberjack idea died, and his mother said the unfortunate curse, saying that now for each felled tree pond will take to them every year for a sacrifice. Soon drowned in a pond Sonia, a 12-year-old princess, and then the prince found dead on the bank of the pond. According to local residents, even now in this pond drowning people — mostly men.

The site can be considered "bad" is not even because someone put a curse on him, and because beliefs prevailing in a particular nation, give the whole habitual supernatural properties. Let us illustrate this. In Japan, the mountain rises Ihai the outlines of which are similar to the posthumous Buddhist name plate with the deceased. Therefore, Japanese people believe that if anyone dares to cut down on the mountain at least one tree, one of his relatives will soon depart to the other world. Meanwhile, if the mountain will see European tourists, it will not have any bad thoughts. And you can bet that, with high probability, if he accidentally cut down a tree on a hill, then safely return home, and his family will remain intact. But! — Only on the condition that none of the local are familiar with our tourist information about the curse. Itself, this information can have devastating effects.

Now built up again in the center of Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior is striking in its beauty. However, many people experience anxiety from inside — they remember the words spoken by Alexis abbess of the monastery in 1832: "Nothing is sacred here no more, but will Chertole — hell expanse." Geoecology, by the way, saying that under the foundation of the temple are quicksands, and every year the building drops to 2 cm into the ground. However, believers are of the opinion that after the consecration of the temple built by the curse went into oblivion.

Defense forces of light

These and other chilling stories show us that the curse does exist and can be distributed as a people and to inanimate objects. One can hardly think of cases in which the wishes of misfortune would just uttered. They came from the people, severely affected by the actions of a particular person who as a result and was carrying an answer for their behavior: it has not evolved life, he understands terrible destruction or death.

Therefore, those who believe in the power of his curse and fears, we should remember that they themselves — the creators of their own destiny, that is, to refrain from hasty, cruel, unjust behavior towards others. If you curse the evil, sinful, the unjust man, his words back to him as the supreme justice under the law, do not give them value. If you really have nothing to reproach myself, your best bet is sincere repentance, confession and otmalivanie guilt. The same applies to people whose race is on the verge of extinction or constantly exposed casualties — need to ask forgiveness for the sins of their ancestors and continuously inside the spiritual work.

Special category — parental curse, which has a powerful force (remember Taras Bulba with his famous "I gave birth to you, I love you and kill"). It is especially dangerous because the parent and child at birth is strong. The people walking to believe that the negative to say the most dangerous wishes from twelve to one in the afternoon or night — it's a special time when the above can be realized.

In the Carpathians, there are mountains Goverla and Petros, about which the local inhabitants tell a beautiful story, though before these mountains were loving boy and a girl. But his father was against Goverli their wedding, and cursed them for neglect of parental will. Immediately after the wedding the young become illegal in the mountains … In Chernihiv still see the ghost Kochubei's daughter Mary, who gave his love of his father's murderer and cursed his mother. Such legends are found in all parts of the globe. What can I say or suggest? Just one thing: honor your parents and respect their wishes, and you will be fine.

Curse uttered by the rejected lover, and even more so by the seller in the market or importunate beggar, removed more easily and has a much less devastating. It is better to go to church, to ease the soul prayer and confession.

Not all evil words and wishes come true. For bright, optimistic, kind people curse will not stick. Be positive, and — God forbid! — Do not curse anyone, even if you do badly hurt. Time itself will put everything in its place.

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