DPRKs satellite launch gallaktichesky for peaceful purposes

North Korea will launch a space satellite for peaceful purposes

The government of North Korea made a statement that does not mean to change their plans and turn away from the April launch a satellite. Earlier, there were protests on the part of the West and a warning from the president of the United States. It is reported by "Utro.ru."

In a statement, the North Korean Central News Agency says that North Korea is not going to turn away from the start gallakticheskogo satellite, the aim of which only peaceful. Such a start — at least some legitimate right of a sovereign country, according to North Korean authorities. The project, according to the statement, we need DPRK for economic growth. In addition, the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK dubbed Barack Obama the wrong position. Koreans believe that the U.S. president — the wrong eye on the situation.

The Foreign Ministry of North Korea stated that, according to the U.S. government, the United States is not a belligerent North Korea, but so far can not retreat from their own usual position of confrontation. That's why, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Americans are considering starting a peaceful satellite launch as a ballistic missile. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Korea highlighted that the objectives are the starting weather forecasts and agricultural aid.

Barack Obama, speaking not so long ago at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, the government has put DPRK tough ultimatum. South American president said that start satellite will provide an occasion to strengthen North Korea's isolation and to impose additional sanctions available. CNN quoted Obama: "Provocations suffer no one else will. The time has come to Pyongyang to make their own choices. "

Recall that the DPRK means to run satellite 12 to April 16 — the eve of the centenary of day or birthday of Kim Il Sung. Besides the U.S., before asking them not to create start North Korea appealed to the government authorities of the country of the rising sun, and South Korea, as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The most turbulent were the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun. They even transferred anti-aircraft missiles started to intercept missiles. Official Seoul, in general, also expressed his own willingness to bring down the warhead. A month back the inter-Korean neighbors had a conflict. The premise was that South Korea began military exercises near the border — despite the warnings made by the DPRK. And in the North Korean government said that the country is ready for war.

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