Dreams, Feng Shui and rubber plants as an aid in pregnancy


When the decision is made about the conception, put the necessary analyzes and deliberate attempts to engender new life began, so you want them to succeed as quickly as possible.


Each month, listen to your body: Do not feel sick at least a little, does not hurt if the chest and does not pull on solenenkoe there already, and the arrival of every month perceive as a tragedy. And that's when even the most rationalistic ladies a desire to speed up the process, calling for help … the signs, methods of feng shui and other ways (running, of course, complete with unprotected intercourse), which can help to get pregnant faster.

Please do not take everything written below as a guide to action, and in the case of prolonged non-occurrence of pregnancy to consult specialists.

Signs for baby

We read dozens of forums on the Internet, which communicate with potential future mothers (or there the terminology "hochushki"), and collected popular among girls omens.

1. Sit on a chair, on which sat pregnant.
One of the most popular will. It is desirable that the chair was at work. And it is better to set the table. Has revealed a lot of girls that pregnancy accelerated the arrival of transplanting them into the workplace in a bygone decree colleagues.

2. Finish eating for pregnant any food.
For example, the bitten cake or leftovers lettuce. The options are many signs of this: Unfinished advised to drink a pregnant girlfriend or just he borrowed her mug (mug to wash before use is not specified).

3. Pat the pregnant belly.
According to rumors, the pregnancy of dozens, if not hundreds of "Aisle". However, do not try this without the permission of the hostess abdomen. Not everyone wants to touch her or patting everyone to have a baby as soon as possible.

4. To have a house ficus.
And some advise not just buy a plant, put it in a corner and water when necessary, but also to communicate with him as a child, talk and take care of. The main pre-warn her husband, and then instead of the hospital, you can get into the wall of another medical institution.

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