Dry pet food is often contaminated with Salmonella

U.S. health services started checking dry pet food in major retail chains, as they fear that the food can be a source of human infection with salmonella, reports Wall Street Journal.

According to her, the current Department of Health and Human Services Office of the United States by the Food and Drug Administration warned that the "particular concern salmonella transmitted through food and nutritional supplements for animals in the home, through the hands of the infection can get into the human body."

Inspectors management, according to the newspaper, have already started to take samples of feed in the largest U.S. retail chains. This examination of not only food for cats and dogs, but also for rabbits, reptiles, birds, aquarium fish, hamsters, guinea pigs.

Usually a person can become infected with salmonella, if the food get spoiled or contaminated food. The infection can also enter the body through the hands, if they prove harmful bacteria, which then fall into the mouth.

In this regard, according to the publication, the U.S. government warned of the need to wash hands after feeding the animals and keep a bowl of dry food away from children.

Animals that have eaten contaminated food, can get sick, warns Wall Street Journal.

According to official data, from January 2006 to December 2007 in the U.S. become ill with salmonellosis 70 people who had contact with the dog food produced in Pennsylvania. Then the outbreak was caused, in particular, the type of bacteria, which is not operated conventional antibiotics.

Last year in the United States were sold dry dog food for $ 8 billion, and for cats — for 3.7 billion dollars, the Wall Street Journal.

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