During a staff meeting, chaired by the head of State Administration Peklushenko Alexander, CEO of the National Park Khortytsya Maxim Ostapenko presented renovated old Russian sword time of Prince Svyatoslav, dated 10th century

— November 7, 2011 from p. Dnipro local fishermen caught unique find — Ancient Sword time of Prince Svyatoslav. In two weeks he was presented at the Museum of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, then the sword has been sent for restoration in Kiev, which lasted over a year. On the restoration of a unique sword the best specialists of the National Research and Restoration Center — said Maxim Ostapenko.

The first renovated old Russian sword saw residents and visitors of the capital of Ukraine, where he was presented at the National Museum of History of Ukraine. Now the unique find, which was returned to its original condition, can see the locals and visitors of Zaporizhzhya region.

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