Earth again fever — May 26, 2013 — OUR PLANETA.Novosti Ecology — Ecology Our planeta.Novosti


Recently, seismologists on all continents have seen a sharp jump in volcanic activity. Increased seismic instability on the Pacific plate, on the lithospheric plate Cocos (Central America), on the Nazca plate, located next to South America.

Some well-known volcanoes are just beginning their eruption, such as the Alaska Volcano Pavlova and other eruption lasted for more than a dozen days. By the way, in Alaska since the beginning of 2013 is already fixed activation of the fifty-fifth of the volcano.

Now in various stages of eruption of the Chilean volcano are Kopaue, Ecuadorian Tungurahua, Mayon in the Philippines, the volcanoes of the Dieng complex and Guntur in Indonesia.

Continue to erupt Mexican Popocatepetl, located near the capital of Mexico City, and from the far Heard McDonald Islands in the Indian Ocean.

By all indications, in the coming weeks as high seismic strain on the planet wears off, and more and more will turn into a fiery volcanoes parade.

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