Earthquake in Christchurch chance of finding survivors under the rubble there

Vyshivshih likely to find under the rubble of the destroyed by a powerful earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand city remained. Rescue services continue search operations, but in the last 24 hours, they found no survivors.
"The rescue operation continues. Perhaps there are still survivors", — assured Dave Cliff, one of the Chiefs of Police of the city destroyed by the disaster. Prime Minister John Key visited the city from the air. After that, he said that the death toll could rise. "Frankly, the city looks like from a helicopter to the combat zone. Everywhere destroyed buildings" — quoted the Prime Minister of New Zealand, "Interfax".

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker warned residents about the possible contamination of water due to damage to water and sewage systems. According to him, may be contaminated with half the water supply network of the city. Authorities advise all citizens to boil tap water before drinking or cooking. In addition, the city is settled in different parts of the city of 14 tank with clean water.
An earthquake measuring 6.3 magnitude that occurred in February 22, 2011, was the largest natural disaster in New Zealand over the past 80 years.
As a result of the disaster 113 people were killed and 228 people are reported missing. Among the dead in Christchurch (the name of the city means "Church of Christ"), other than the New Zealanders were tourists from China, Japan, the UK, the Philippines and Taiwan.

In New Zealand in the earthquake-affected areas, the cases of looting. In and around Christchurch curfew. Patrolling the streets, not only the New Zealand Law enforcement officials, but also specially arrived in the country, Australian counterparts.


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